The Gospel in Greasepaint

The Gospel in Greasepaint by Mark D. Stucky

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Editorial Reviews:

The Gospel in GreasepaintThe author, Mark D. Stucky,, said on 08/10/96:   More information on the book…   How are sermons like Brussels sprouts? What do clowns have to do with church? What is the greatest hardship inflicted on civilized people?   Find out in “The Gospel in Greasepaint!” For more information about the book, including a table of contents, see the book’s page on my web site:

Table of Contents


    • Face to Face with Greasepaint
    • “Hello, I’m a Clown”
    • How to Create a Clown

    • God Creates a Beautiful World
    • Abraham’s Big Test
    • Idols Then and Now
    • Work, Work, Work
    • With All Your Heart
    • Helping One Another

    • Walls Fall Down
    • Hearing the Lord Speak
    • Returners of the Lost Ark
    • David’s Big Blunder
    • New Beginnings
    • A Fountain of Oil
    • The Spiritual Cycle
    • Job’s Sob Story
    • Happy are the Good Guys
    • Confession is Good for the Soul
    • Coming Home
    • Some Wisdom a Day Keeps the Devil Away
    • Isaiah’s Christmas Greeting
    • The Divine Diner
    • God’s Grim Graffiti
    • Daring Daniel, the Lion Tamer
    • Naughty Nineveh and the Proud Pharisees
    • Follow that Star!
    • The Eternal Eternally-New Good News
    • Pennies for Heaven
    • Shepherd Saves Silly Sheep
    • The Tale of Ten Troubled People
    • A Morning Like This
    • Were You There?
    • Making Disciples
  • ACTS
    • The Leaping Cripple
    • Miraculous Magical Acts
    • Don’t Repay Dirt
    • All for One and One for All
    • God’s Armor
    • Welcoming Strangers
    • The Deadly Tongue
    • Letters for Seven Churches
    • What Wondrous Love
    • The Grand Finale
    • The Mark of the Beets

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