Get Down with the Clown

Get Down with the Clown - a music CD starring Larry Harmon's Bozo the Clown Bozo the Clown got his start in 1946 with a record from Capitol Records -- and in 2003, Bozo returned to audio. In a collection of song styles including blues to parade to cowboy ballads, Bozo returns in a music … Continue reading

Bozo the Clown photo gallery

Bozo the Clown photo gallery - the character of Bozo was created by Alan Livingston and Pinto Colvig at Capitol Records, and made a worldwide phenomenon by Larry Harmon Many of the images are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame … Continue reading

Bozo boppers

Bozo Boppers - Bozo-themed inflatable boxing gloves  In a nutshell, the Bozo boppers are no more than inflatable boxing gloves, designed for use with the Bozo bop bag (or Bozo punching bag, as I tend to call it).  That's it.  Cute, funny, large and clownish, protecting little hands.  A pity … Continue reading