Mark Twain on Being a Clown

Mark Twain on Being a Clown, by Robert Edmund Sherwood, from Here We Are Again I have ridden in Venetian gondolas to the music of tinkling mandolins; shaken the hands of Queen Victoria and John L. Sullivan; and slept under the stars in the Grand Canyon and the Valley of the Yosemite. I would … Continue reading

Only One Real Life

Only One Real Life, by Dexter Fellows - an excerpt from This Way to the Big Show, 1936 The laugh-clown-laugh theme is as old as the story of the melancholic jester and his doctor. It has been told of George L. Fox, one of America's greatest clowns and pantomimists -- how he went to a physician to … Continue reading

Eternal Drollery

Eternal Drollery, by Francis Beverly Kelley (from "The Land of Stardust and Spangles," The National Geographic Magazine, October 1931) Byron once wrote, "He who joy would win must share it; happiness was born a  twin." Circus people know this, and no one puts it into more consistent … Continue reading

Fun With The Phone

Fun With The Phone - Ideas for your telephone answering machine. Nearly everyone has a phone answering machine or a voicemail system of some kind. And most outgoing phone messages sound something like this: "Hi, we are away from the phone, but at the sound of the tone please leave your name and … Continue reading