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Charlie Rivel photo gallery

Color poster of Charlie Rivel
Charlie Rivel photo gallery – he was Europe’s most famous and popular clown. His costume trademark was a long red jersey that had accidentally been stretched in the laundry. Many of these photos are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame
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Bert Lahr photo gallery

Bert Lahr, clearly a clown
Bert Lahr photo gallery – movie and stage clown – a Tony Award-winning American actor and comedian. He is best remembered today for his role as the Cowardly Lion and the farm worker Zeke in the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, but was well known during his...
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Paul Jung photo gallery

Color photo of Paul Jung - face
Paul Jung photo gallery – famous producing white face clown, best known for his time with the Ringling Brothers circus – and for his face on Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks!
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Swede Johnson photo gallery

Swede Johnson “salutes”
Swede Johnson photo gallery, famous circus clown and animal trainer. After coming to the United States, Swede took the first job that he could find – as a rodeo clown, afterward becoming a circus clown. He then had a long career in the circus, working at different times and...
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Frankie Saluto photo gallery

Frankie Saluto and bunny
Frankie Saluto photo gallery – Frankie Saluto was a famous circus clown and little person, who became famous with the Ringling Brothers Circus as the whiteface dwarf with the large live rabbit. His career also included an interpretation of a miniature Charlie Chaplin and he was a member of...
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Circus Clowns photo gallery

Ringling Brothers clowns in the 1970's
Circus Clowns photo gallery. Many of these have their own photo galleries, such as Frosty Little, Lou Jacobs, Emmett Kelly, etc. Many of the images are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame
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