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Lucille Ball biography

Biography of Lucille Ball (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989), famous TV clown Lucille Ball is best known for her portrayal of Lucy Ricardo, a scatter-brained housewife who went from one hare-brained scheme to another, trying to share the limelight with her entertainer husband, despite her lack...
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Don Burda, Homer the happy hobo

Don Burda, aka. Homer the happy hobo
Don Burda, Homer the happy hobo (1935 – 2008) Don Burda grew up in the small town of Friend, Nebraska, and married his high school sweetheart, Delores (better known as “Dee”€™), in 1956. In 1960, he moved to California to pursue a theatrical career, and during a period...
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Bev Bergeron, Rebo the magic clown

Rebo the clown, portrayed by Bev Bergeron
Beverly “Rebo” Bergeron (?? – present) Everyone has seen a clown twisting a single balloon into a dog — but who did it first? The answer, unsurprisingly, is Bev Bergeron, in 1959. But he first came to national prominence a year earlier, in 1958, when he created Rebo...
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Mark Anthony, famous tramp clown

photograph of Mark Anthony in tramp clown makeup
Mark Anthony, famous circus tramp clown Mark Anthony was born Mark Galkowski in Norwich, Connecticut in 1915. During the depression, he first joined the circus in 1937 in South Carolina. Except for a two-year stint in the Merchant Marines during World War II, he spent most of his...
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Prince Paul, circus clown

clown picture - painting of Paul Alpert, aka. Prince Paul
Paul ‘Prince Paul€’ Alpert (1913 – 1987) Inducted into the  Clown Hall of Fame in 1992, Paul Alpert became a  famous little person, after gaining a start in clowning in 1933 with the Paul Jung troupe.The Bangor, Maine native went on to fame as a  Ringling Bros. clown,...
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