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Footit and Chocolat

George Footit (1864-1921) was a British equestrian, acrobat and clown who was brought into his profession at the young age of twelve. He was known for his solo performances as an acrobat and equestrian with Sanger’s Circus in England. Raphael “Chocolat” Padilla (-1917) was born in Cuba and...
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Charlie Rivel

Charlie Rivel, 1967, performing his act
Josep Andreu i Lasserre (April 23, 1896 – July 26, 1983), best known as Charlie Rivel, was an internationally known Spanish circus clown. He was born in Cubelles (Barcelona, Spain). His parents Pere Andreu Pausas (Spanish) and Marie-Louise Lasarre (French) were circus artists as well. Charlie Rivel was Europe’s most famous and popular clown....
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Joe Jackson Sr (1873-1942)

Joe Jackson Sr.
Joe Jackson Sr. was born as Joseph Francis Jiranek in Vienna, Austria. He was Austrian bicycle champion, and a member of a world champion bicycle polo team before he became an entertainer. He started with a serious bike riding act, and then developed it into a comedy break-...
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Paul Wenzel

Paul Wenzel, in one of his props, seemingly pulled by a goose
Professor Paul Wenzel was born in 1878, and performed as  a circus clown for over 60 years throughout the United States of America. Paul Wenzel appeared with large and small shows before finding a permanent home with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.
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Swede Johnson

Swede Johnson was born Carl Gehlert Johansen in Ribe, Denmark in 1903. Swede was a fourth generation circus performer, and traveled with his family in their own circus throughout the Scandinavian countries while growing up. At the age of 15, he went to work in the Hagenbeck Zoo...
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Clown Quotes – Famous sayings by and about clowns

Glenn "Frosty" Little, inducted into the 1991 Clown Hall of Fame
“God’s children and their happiness are my reasons for being”. –Red Skelton “I was always somewhat calloused about broadcasting, but this Circus is the doggonedest phenomenon I have ever seen. There’s always the satisfaction that you have done something for somebody that goes beyond the commercial aspects of...
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Clown poster gallery

A collection of posters of clowns.   They are broken into categories, such as  Circus Clown,  Famous Clowns, and  clown art  (paintings of non-specific clowns by various artists).   In addition to these, there are also collections of various film and television clowns, such as  Charlie Chaplin,  the...
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Robert Armin, Shakespeare’s clown

Biography of Robert Armin (c. 1568-1612) Robert Armin was one of the clowns that worked with William Shakespeare, and for whom Shakespeare created some of his most famous comic characters. Robert Armin was a master of extemporization, an accomplished singer, an author of several plays as well as...
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William Kempe, Shakespeare’s clown

William Kempe, Elizabethan clown, dancing a jig
William Kempe, Shakespeare’s clown William Kempe was one of the main actors of Shakespeare’s early plays, and one of the original shareholders in the Globe theatre. A friend and student of Richard Tarleton, his predecessor in Shakespeare’s company as clown, Kemp’s parts likely included Peter in “Romeo and...
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