The Star Boarder, starring Charlie Chaplin, Edgar Kennedy

The Star Boarder – Charlie Chaplin, originally released April 4, 1914

In The Star Boarder, Charlie Chaplins little tramp character is staying at a boarding house, where he is clearly his landlady’s favorite,  Much to her husband’s (Edgar Kennedy) displeasure.   Barely able to prevent attacking Charlie outright, the husband’s anger only increases when the landlady tries to teach Charlie how to play tennis.  This is one of the funnier bits in the short film.   Looking for a lost tennis ball almost turns into a kiss, which the landlady’s son captures on a camera-like device. 

The Star Boarder - Charlie Chaplin and his landlady
The Star Boarder – Charlie Chaplin and his landlady

Does anybody else still remember Magic Lanterns?  Even though they are interrupted by the jealous husband, the son’s magic lantern show reveals what almost happened.  As well as a similar picture between the husband and another woman.  This leads into an altercation between Charlie and the husband, cutting to similar shots of the landlady spanking her son.

A cute film, but not that funny.  It’s more interesting from a historical perspective.

The Star Boarder was also released as:

  • In Love with His Landlady
  • The Fatal Lantern (USA)
  • The Hash-House Hero
  • The Landlady’s Pet (USA)

Courtesy of The Internet Archive, you can view The Star Boarder in its’ entirety online:

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