F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God) – a clown skit for 4

This is a skit for 4 clowns

Props: 4 large sheets, each with one letter (‘F’, ‘R’, ‘O’, ‘G’) written on them, placed face down on the stage (in scrambled positions) before the skit begins or carried in by the Leader clown.

The clowns enter, playing leap frog, ending in position in front of the signs. (when we performed it at our church, the Leader was a whiteface clown named Lulu, and the other three were ‘kid’ clowns”€who Lulu kept referring to as her ‘pollywogs’)

The leader comes on, “OK, pick up the signs!” (the clowns do, but the letters are out of order) “What does that spell?”

Clowns: “GORF!”

Leader: “Gorf? No, that’s not right!” (Leader goes, rearranges the clowns”€but one or two clowns mischievously moves once she turns to face the audience”€note: this should be played for humor, possibly with some ‘hectic’ instrumental music)

Leader: “Now, what’s that spell?”

Clowns: “FORG!”

Leader: “Oh, no!” (goes back, rearranges them successfully this time”€note: could be stretched for a 3rd time)

Leader: “Now, what does that spell?”

Clowns: “FROG!”

Leader: “And what does ‘frog’ teach you about God?”

Clowns: “We don‘t know!”

Leader: “Oh! Well, I’d better tell you all what it means. F stands for Fully, R stands for Rely, O stands for On, G stands for God. Now, What does ‘FROG’ tell you about God?”

Clowns: “Fully Rely On God!”

Leader: “And what does that mean?”

Clowns: “We don‘t know!”

Leader then explains, to the clowns & the audience, the meaning”€note: you could also have the youth pastor, etc. come over and make the explanation at this point

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