His Favorite Pastime

His Favorite Pastime, starring Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle - March 16, 1914 His Favorite Pastime is one of  Charlie Chaplin's earlier appearances at the Little Tramp.  Although he looks like the Little Tramp, he hasn't quite cemented the character of Charlie the Tramp at this point. … Continue reading

The Charlie Chaplin Archives

Editorial review of The Charlie Chaplin Archives courtesy of Amazon.com  Within a year of arriving in Hollywood in 1914, British-born Charlie Chaplin had become the slapstick king of America. By the end of his second year on the silver screen, Chaplin's fame had spread worldwide. He was … Continue reading

The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, Jack Oakie, Reginald Gardiner, Henry Daniell, Billy Gilbert  The Great Dictator, possibly the most well-known of Charlie Chaplin's films, was a timely satire on Nazisim and fascism in general, and Adolph Hitler in particular. In … Continue reading