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The Joker Tube - Magic Trick with 'How To' Instructions - aka. Strat-O-Sphere

The Joker Tube, aka Strat-O-Sphere

Strat-O-Sphere – The Joker Tube – Magic Trick with “How To” Instructions

The Joker Tube - Magic Trick with 'How To'  Instructions - aka. Strat-O-SphereBuy from

The Joker Tube (aka. the Strat-O-Sphere magic prop) is one of the classics of magic, and lends itself to clowning very well.   The first time I ever saw it in use was when  Jeff McMullen  was using it at a library show, where he was using the colored balls to show the children the classic lesson about traffic lights, where the “lights” kept changing locations, only for one of them to disappear unexpectedly.   It was very funny, and very clownish—if you use magic in your clowning, you might well want to look into a Strat-o-sphere, since it packs small and plays big, and can be used in a variety of ways. (more…)

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Take apart vanish box

Take Apart Vanish Box

Take Apart Vanish Box – clown magic prop

Take apart vanish boxBuy from

The  Take Apart Vanish Box  is a very nice magic prop that easily lends itself to clowning or comedy magic.   It is a colorful box, that the performer places a small object inside, and it “magically” disappears—and to prove that it’s vanished, the box is then disassembled in front of the audience.   Mark Wilson discusses how to build something similar in his book,  Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic—but it’s beyond my meager woodworking skills to make one.

The  Vanish Box  lends itself to clowning in several ways. (more…)

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Spiked Coin pocket magic trick

Pocket magic – spiked coin

Spiked Coin  – pocket magic trick

Spiked Coin pocket magic trickOne of my favorite pocket tricks is the  Spiked Coin—I actually bought mine at a local dollar store.   The basic idea is that you place a coin (I threw away the cheap plastic ‘coin’ that comes with it and use a fifty cent piece in its’ place) inside the little chamber, and one by one you drive little swords (likewise, I threw away the plastic swords and use toothpicks or wooden matches), making it appear that the coin has disappeared—until you rattle the little box, and the audience can hear the coin still in the box.   One by one, the swords (or toothpicks, or wooden matches) are removed, and the little case is opened, and the coin is revealed, as good as new. (more…)

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Melissa & Doug - Magician's Apprentice volume 3 - Rope Tricks Untangled

Melissa & Doug – Rope Tricks Untangled

Melissa & Doug – Magician’s Apprentice Volume 3 – Rope Tricks Untangled

Melissa & Doug - Magician's Apprentice volume 3 - Rope Tricks UntangledBuy from  Something I like to do is investigate children’s magic sets, and see if the various props are anything that I would use in my clowning.   I was pleased with the results from  Melissa & Doug’s Deluxe Magic Set, and I was interested in looking into their set of rope tricks as well.   Unlike coin and card tricks, I feel that rope magic tends to lend itself to clowning—I typically keep a 1 foot length of rope, and a three foot length as well, in my pocket as I clown, simply because I have a variety of simple clown tricks that I do with them.   The question is, does  Rope Tricks Untangled  work for clowning? (more…)

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The Day After Halloween

You probably know that the day after Christmas is the largest shopping day of the year.   But did you know that, for clowns, it’s the day after Halloween?   No, seriously!   All of the things that the marketers didn’t sell for Halloween by October 31 will be on fire sale, and there are goodies galore for the discriminating clown.   (more…)

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