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Dedicated to the history and performance of clowning

What can you do here? There’s a free tutorial on starting clowning, articles on topics such as the Clown Commandments, biographies of famous clowns (including Charlie Chaplin, Red Skelton, Bob Bell, WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Emmett Kelly, Bob Keeshan,The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, Danny Kaye, Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, and many others), reviews of books and movies on clowning, and much more.

Be a Clown - the Complete Guide by Turk Pipkin

Clowning Resources – books, videos and more for the beginning, intermediate and advanced clown — learn how to make a bigger fool of yourself, and make the audience remember you!

Richard Tarleton

Clown History – from the days of Shakespeare and before, clowns have been making their mark on history. Find out about it here.

Pie throwing - part 2. Despite how it looked, Kenny did not throw the pie - he "placed" it in Ellen's face, and by extending his arm & leg, gave the illusion of throwing. No animals were harmed in filming of this sequence. No clowns, either :o)
Pie throwing – part 2.

Clown Skits – What will you do in front of the audience? A collection of clown skits, free to use in your performances.

Moving on to happier thoughts: This is the Alley Kazam, the clown alley that I belonged to. They are, from left: Goofy Grape, the Happy Hippi (kneeling, waving), Pixie (red hair), Que Sera, Honey Bun, can't remember her name!, Bright Eyes, and Succotash.

Clowning Reviews – Read reviews of biographies, movies, television shows and live performances of your favorite clowns.

Welcome to, a website dedicated to the history and performance of clowning. Famous Clowns is run by Tom Raymond, who performs at a professional clown as Raynbow the Clown in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

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    I am one of your Facebook friends. I also love clowns. I tried to follow this blog but have not figured it out yet. Would like to link my blog to yours if you don’t mind.
    Patty Sue

    • David Jendrycki
    • February 3, 2018

    Hi Tom, I love your site., especially the clown biographies and your information on the great Charlie Chaplin. I actually perform as a Chaplin impersonator in Chicago. I’ve been doing ‘The Little Tramp’ for the past 30 years at many different venues including the Chicago International Film Festival. I noticed one small error under ‘The Music of Charlie Chaplin’. It incorrectly lists ‘Smile’ as being from ‘City Lights’ It is actually from “Modern Times”.
    Again, a wonderful site. So educational and fun. Thank you!
    David Jendrycki

    1. Reply

      Thank you for the correction and the kind words!

    2. Reply

      We too! This is an amazing website. I know that not everyone love clowns but how can you not joy this website!

  2. Reply

    During this difficult time! Every time I’m sad, I just come here to remind myself that there is humor in life! We all need moments to just get away from our daily crazy routine and appreciate the enjoys in life. That is what this website does for me! Thank you for creating it!

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