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What does it mean to be "authentic" as a clown?

What does it mean to be “authentic” as a clown? from a discussion on Quora

It will depend on what you mean by “authentic” of course. For example, there are people who slap on makeup without knowing what they’re doing, and have no clown skills — some call these people “lipstick clowns”. They’re not authentic — although they can learn and become “real” or “authentic” clowns. Everyone starts somewhere, after all.

There are the foolish people who try to be “scary” clowns — they’re not clowns, they’re not scary. All they are are empty people looking to inflate themselves at someone else’s expense. They’re not “authentic” — they’re closer to pathetic.

Finally, there are “real” clowns. What does that mean? Someone who is intentionally clowning, to entertain, educate, uplift … Someone who’s a “real” clown and knows it … and so does the audience.

I’ve written a little bit about this: You’re not a real clown! or are you?


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