Clown Ministry Skits

Clown ministry skits – free to use in church, gospel outreach, or wherever clowns want to show the love of Jesus Christ

Rock, scissors, paper … bomb? Nothing beats prayer!

Rock, Scissors, Paper – nothing beats prayer

Rock, scissors, paper … bomb? Nothing beats prayer!

Two clowns on stage (either as part of something previous or entering on stage and meeting each other)

Clown 1: Say, isn’t it your turn to clean up the elephant cages? (or anything else for the 2 clowns to disagree over)


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God's Employment Agency

God’s Employment Agency

God’s Employment Agency – a skit for four (or more) speaking clowns

Props: Desk (optional), clipboard with a list (excellent for helping with the lines), 1 or more “twisty” balloons, cotton candy, surfer outfit (we used a grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, and a snowboard as a surfboard, train ticket and/or train whistle).  If you use additional people, you’ll want additional props 🙂

Bible verse: Matthew 20:1-16

Begins with the Manager clown (in our example, Doc the Rube) at his desk, other clowns waiting in chairs.

Doc: Welcome to God’s Employment Agency, who’s next, please? (more…)

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Body of Christ clown skit

Body of Christ clown skit

Body of Christ clown skit, courtesy of Epworth Rehoboth Beach United Methodist Church

Begins with a group of clowns walking across and just talking to each other. Solo clown coming the other way
CLOWN 1: (When they meet in the middle) Good morning everyone (or by name if not too many.)
CLOWN 2: Whatcha doing today?
CLOWN 1: Going to play bball. How about you all?
CLOWN 2: Well, we are headed to bell practice. Miss Judy wants to work on some new pieces.

CLOWN 3: Ya, they have a few tricky parts where everyone has to be ready at just the right time to ring their bell.
CLOWN 4: hey, don’t you need more than one person for a basketball team?
CLOWN 1: Yep, you need 5 players to form a team. And each team member must do their job in order play well. I certainly can’t pass to myself.
CLOWN 2: Sounds like we have something in common. Bells and sports!!
(clowns look at CLOWN 2 with a puzzled look)
CLOWN 3: (with bell) Without MY bell Miss Judy could not lead us to make the beautiful music.
CLOWN 4: Let me try to direct you. (does the hand movements and then points to CLOWN 3 who then rings the bell)
CLOWN 1: I see what you mean! Now that is pretty BUT I remember from Easter how beautiful it sounded when the whole choir was ringing (shakes hands like ringing a bell)
CLOWN 2: Reminds me of a Bible story where the Apostle Paul tells the church that we all have gifts and treasures. AND we need to share our gifts in order to carry out Christ’s work.
CLOWN 3: (Points to kids and congregation) God made us all special and gave us each talents and gifts to share.
CLOWN 1: Sounds like we all need to work like a team to help Jesus
CLOWN 4: I prefer that we work like a choir to help Jesus!
CLOWN 3: Same thing. We are all part of the Body of Christ. He needs each and every one of us.
CLOWN 2: And when we are connected to Him, working together, it’s like we are his arms and legs.
CLOWN 1: or maybe His branches. And Together we will produce fruit as big as this ball!
CLOWN 4: Or as sweet as the sound of our bells!! (points to Clown 3 to ring bell again)
CLOWN 3: Hey, CLOWN 1! let’s pray before we leave
CLOWN 1: Gracious Jesus you are the coach, and choir director of our life. Help us to follow your instructions in the Bible. Thank you for the gifts and treasures you have given us. Encourage us to share them, so we can bring others to You.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - a clown skit for 3 or more speaking clowns

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished – a clown skit for 3 or more speaking clowns

Application: We shouldn’t let rules get in the way of bringing joy to others

Scripture: 1 Peter 3:17: For it is better to suffer doing good, if suffering should be God’s will, than to suffer for doing evil. (more…)

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You Never Knew Me – an original skit for 2 speaking clowns, by Raynbow the Clown

You Never Knew Me

You Never Knew Me – an original skit for 2 speaking clowns, by Raynbow the Clown

(setup: requires 2 clowns or 1 clown and 1 “normal” person, one portraying/dressed as Jesus. The only prop is a door frame, with a curtain rod across the top to suspend a curtain from—the set up is described in Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic under the title “Who’s There”. In a nutshell, the doorway is set facing the audience, with the “Jesus” clown behind the door and curtain. As He knocks, the other clown, who is busy (either practising his clown routine, or doing housework, or whatever would fit your character) stops, exasperated, to answer the door. Opens the door, pulls back the curtain to reveal Jesus, but the clown is too busy “right now” and shuts the door. This is repeated 3 times, as shown below. The door could have a large paper Heart on it.) (more…)

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Turning the Other Cheek - a silent skit for a troupe of clowns

Turning the Other Cheek

Turning the Other Cheek – a silent skit for a troupe of clowns

From an idea in  Ministry of Clowning compiled by Everett Robertson.  By the Beauregard Parish clowns.

Play is silent except for the reader and for the audience’s last reaction and the narrator’s reading. Could use background noises when stick hits and when tramp sits on glasses. Using background music could be effective. (more…)

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