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Charlie Chaplin volume 1-23

Charlie Chaplin volume 1-23 — Chaplin’s early silent films

Charlie Chaplin volume 1-23 – In short, this is a collection of 23 of Charlie Chaplin’s first silent films, mostly shorts.The quality is only so-so, but that’s frankly to be expected, due to 1) the age of the original materials and 2) the inexpensive nature of the DVD (under $10 at the time of this writing)

  1. Tillie’s Punctured Romance
  2. Kid Auto Races at Venice
  3. The Rounders
  4. Twenty Minutes of Love
  5. Making a Living
  6. Film Johnny ( A Film Johnnie)
  7. The New Janitor
  8. The Fatal Mallet
  9. The Kid
  10. Recreation
  11. By the Sea
  12. Between Showers
  13. Cruel, Cruel Love
  14. The Masquerader
  15. Mabel’s Strange Predicament
  16. A Busy Day
  17. Shoulder Arms
  18. Laffing Gas
  19. In the Park
  20. Face on the Barroom Floor
  21. Triple Trouble
  22. The Rival Mashers
  23. Mabel’s Married Life


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