Mabel at the Wheel, starring Mabel Normand, Charlie Chaplin

Mabel at the Wheel – Charlie Chaplin originally released April 18, 1914

In Mabel at the Wheel, Charlie Chaplin is not playing his familiar tramp clown, but a generic movie villain.   The basic premise has the villainous Charlie trying to win a race by hook or crook, as well as trying to impress Mabel Normand.  At the time, she was one of Keystone’s biggest stars.  But he drops her in a puddle instead.

Mabel at the Wheel - Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand
Mabel at the Wheel – Charlie Chaplin, Mabel Normand

He later locks up his racing rival (Mabel’s boyfriend), forcing Mabel to take his place, with Charlie still trying to cheat his way to the finish line.

However, Mabel wins in the end – shades of Penelope Pittstop.

A cute film, but more of interest for historical than comedic reasons. Keystone players Mack Sennet, Chester Conklin, Mack Swain appear as well.

Trivia about Mabel at the Wheel starring Charlie Chaplin

Also released as:

  • A Hot Finish (USA)
  • Charlie på motortävlingen (Sweden)
  • His Daredevil Queen
  • Mabel al volante (Spain)
  • Mabel y el auto infernal (Spain)
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