What is there not to like about Jerry Lewis?

Editor’s note: from an answer that I posted on Quora, regarding Jerry Lewis.

Well, it frankly depends. Like most of us, Jerry Lewis had a public life, and private life. In his public life:

In his private life, there are many negatives as well as positives:

  • He cheated on his wife, hundreds of times, possibly more. He details this in his autobiography, Dean and Me.
  • Jerry Lewis had a long-term addiction to pain killers after a spine injury. He treated his family poorly during this time.
  • His children were (mostly) estranged from him.
  • He divorced his wife of many years to marry a much younger woman.
  • He wrote all of the children from his first marriage out of his will.

Like everyone on the planet, he’s a mixture of good, bad, and indifferent.

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