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A Nativity Gift

Nativity Gift – a free Christian clown Christmas skit pantomime for one, with music and sound effects, courtesy of:
Richard O Jones
Something Fishy Theatre
First United Methodist Church
Hamilton, Ohio

MUSIC It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

SFX Sheep, rising

CLOWN enters from rear of auditorium with a shepherd head-dress, shepherd’s staff, pulling a stuffed sheep in a red wagon, etc. They’re running him ragged and he’s very tired. He struggles to get them to sleep, finally has to call out the dog.

MUSIC Silent Night, Holy Night

CLOWN finally gets sheep quieted, though there are a few rowdy ones who need to be shushed again. CLOWN finds an empty seat and settles in, much to the chagrin of the people seated nearby.

SFX Heavy snoring

MUSIC Glorias from Angels We Have Heard on High

CLOWN awakens with a start, tries to understand the message being delivered. Finally catches on and runs to the pulpit/stage.

MUSIC Away in a Manger

Still unsure, CLOWN enters the stable, describes the audience that there’s a little baby there. CLOWN then discovers there are animals in the place.

SFX Various animal sounds: Cow, chicken, donkey, allowing CLOWN time to react to each one.

MUSIC We Three Kings

CLOWN describes for audience the elegant visitors who have just arrived carrying gifts and their story about following a star. CLOWN sees star, realizes what a night of miracles this is and then realizes he came without a gift of his own.

MUSIC What Child is This?

CLOWN makes a balloon animal for the baby, but when he presents it, it pops.

SFX Baby crying

CLOWN tries to keep the baby from crying, ends up crying, too. Finally gets another idea, reaches into breast pocket and pulls out another balloon and inflates it. It’s shaped like a heart.

SFX Baby cooing

MUSIC Joy to the World

Pleased with his discovery that the only gift he needs to give the baby is his own love, CLOWN holds forth the beating heart joyfully before he exits auditorium passing out uninflated heart balloons to the children.


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