Are your burdens too heavy?

Are Your Burdens Too Heavy?
Written by John Gravley

MAIN IDEA: show that Jesus can help us carry whatever weighs us down.

HELPERS: two clowns.

SETTING: can be anywhere. This skit can be used for all ages. The burdens should be specific to whatever audience you are sharing with.

PROPS: a sign for Jesus to wear, a laundry bag and some boxes of different shapes and sizes. Each box has a burden written on it. The burdens may be loneliness, boredom, no friends, work stress, school stress, poor health, no money, etc.

SKIT: (Place the various boxes around the stage or performance area before the skit begins.) Begin by having someone read Matthew 11:28-30.

A clown enters and greets everyone. The clown walks around and stumbles into one of the boxes. The clown picks the box up shows it to everyone and does some action to represent what the box says and places it in a bad the clown is carrying. As the clown continues, the bag starts to weigh the clown down. The clown goes to the next box and repeats the actions. The bag is even heavier now. This continues until all the boxes are in the clown bag and the clown is unable to move because of the weight of the bag. Finally, the clown is on his/her knees, head down, unable to move.

The second clown now appears. This clown is wearing or carrying the Jesus sign. The clown enters and greets everyone. The Jesus clown then sees the person kneeling, weighed down by the burdens. Jesus goes over to the person and interacts with that clown. Jesus invites the clown to stand up but the bag of burdens does not allow the clown to stand. Jesus looks into the bag and one by one pulls the burdens out of the bag. Each time the burdened clown start to get up.

Finally, after each burden is out of the bag, the clown is able to stand up. The Jesus clown is holding the burdens but they are not heavy. The Jesus clown takes the arm or hand of the burdened clown and they happily walk off together.

As the clowns leave, someone reads Matthew 11:28-30 again.


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