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Box o’ Grace

Box o’ Grace – a clown ministry skit, for two speaking clowns – courtesy of the Asbury Clown Ministry

JJ: [enters stage, happy, carring fishing pole, whistling.  Minnie meets him center stage)

Minnie: JJ, I’m surprised to see you here.  Shouldn’t you be at work?

JJ: No, not today, Minnie.  Don’t you know what today is?

Minnie: No, what day is it?

JJ: It’s a new holiday … JJ Day!

Minnie: You gave yourself a holiday?

JJ: I thought I deserved it.  So, I’m going fishing.  I’m the greatest, best fisherman in the world … [notices the box that Minnie carries] Minnie, what are you carrying?

Minnie: Oh, this is my Box o’ Grace.

JJ: Grapes! I love grapes.  May I have some?

Minnie: Not grapes, Grace. Like in the Bible.  Still want some?

JJ: Sure, if the price is right.

Minnie: For you, today only, this grace is free.

JJ: Free?  Nothing’s free anymore.  I’ll take it! [takes sign out of box, notices string]

Minnie: Wait, there’s a string attached to that grace.  It says you have to be humble.  [to audience] Is JJ humble? … No?

JJ: If I wasn’t so great, I could be humble.  Let me try again. [pulls 2nd card]

Minnie: Ohhh … another string attached.  In order to receive this grace, you need to be a hard worker. [to audience] What do you think?  Is JJ a hard worker??  After all, he’s not at work today?

JJ: But its JJ Day!  [sobs]  Let me try again. [pulls 3rd card]

Minnie: Ooooh, this is a fancy grace … with a string attached.  Hmm … unselfish.  [to audience]  Does that describe JJ?

JJ: [grabs card] Give me that! It’s mine! [looks at card, looks at Minnie, looks at audience, puts down card]  Ohhh.  May I please try again? [pulls out 4th card]

Minnie: Any string? No attachments?  What does it say?

JJ: It says Grace.

Minnie: Wait, there’s more.  [opens card, reveals message]

JJ: [reads card aloud]  “Grace is a free gift from God … no strings attached.”

Minnie: Is there a lesson here, JJ?

Minnie: Oh boy, is there! [mumbles]  I guess it’s not about me, it’s about the Lord.

Minnie: What did you say?  We didn’t quite hear you …

JJ: I said, it’s not about me, it’s about the Lord and how much He loves me.

Minnie: That’s right, now do you really think you deserve your own day?

JJ: Naw, but the Lord does.

Minnie: JJ, because you’ve learned your lesson so well, you can have the entire Box o’ Grace, but there’s a string attached.

JJ: What, I thought there weren’t any more strings attached!?!

Minnie: You have to share the Box o’ Grace with someone else.

JJ: Ok! I can pass it on!  Now that I have Grace, do you think I’ll catch more fish? [both exit]


Computer nerd by day, professional clown on evenings and weekends (Raynbow), who combines the two by maintaining a bunch of websites dedicated to the history and performances of clowning, such as Free Clown Skits, and comedy such as Best Clean Funny Jokes.

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