Bump in the Road

Bump in the Road, a clown ministry skit for 3 speaking clowns about suffering, courtesy of the Asbury Clown Troupe.

Props required: chair, foam hammer

[JJ and Pi enter together]

JJ: We forgot a chair here, Pi.

[JJ stumbles over the chair and hurts his toe]

Pi: Praise the Lord, brother!

JJ: I stubbed my toe. What are we praising the Lord about?

Pi: Because suffering builds character.

JJ: What? My toe is sore!

Pi: I can fix that!

JJ: You can? Well, then, do something.

Pi: Close your eyes. I’ll make you forget all about the pain in your foot. [JJ does so, as Pi retrieves the foam hammer] Hold still; this is going to hurt him more than it will me. Are you ready, JJ?

JJ: I’m ready; hurry up already.

[Pi hits JJ on the head with the foam hammer]

JJ: Pi, my head hurts!

Pi: Does your toe still hurt?

JJ: Not anymore.

Pi: Praise the Lord!

JJ: Would you please quit saying, “praise the Lord”? What’s with that, anyhow?

Pi: It says in the Bible, in Romans chapter 5, that suffering produces patience, and now you’re a patient!

[Willy has walked in and heard the last bit]

Willy: I thing you have this wrong. It says the Holy Spirit is going to pour out such love to help us, have hope to endure suffering for His kingdom. God doesn’t want us to suffer just for the sake of suffering.

JJ: Hey, when God pours out his love on me, am I going to get wet?

Willie: [multiple possibilities here: either a serious response, a silly one, or Willy hiding a watering can behind his back]

JJ: I think somebody should call me a doctor …

Pi: Okay, you’re a doctor!

JJ: Pi …

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