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Clown Easter – an Easter Sunday skit for 4 clowns

Clown Easter – an Easter Sunday skit for 4 clowns

This script is courtesy of Clowns for Christ

This was originally written for Easter 1998. The script, written for 4 clowns, is intentionally unfinished, because our Associate Pastor supplied the ending to surprise us, taking the role listed below as Non-Clown. Each clown can be played by a pair of clowns sharing the role.

Clown 1 enters whistling. She goes up to a wooden cross and begins trying to balance several eggs on the cross bar. They are real eggs so they will fall off and break, on a tarp placed under the cross. After she places each egg, she hops in place two or three times. Other clowns enter and watch for a moment. Finally, Clown 2 comes up.

Clown 2: What are you doing?

Clown 1: Well, it’s Easter and that’s when the Easter bunny comes and lays eggs on the cross. I had a bunny, (pulls a stuffed bunny out of bag,) but no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to lay any eggs. So I decided to show it how, but they won’t stay.

Clown 2: That is because rabbits don’t lay eggs silly. They bring candy on Easter. That’s what Easter is all about, candy! (Pulls out chocolate eggs and begins passing them out.)

(Clown 3 comes up.)
Clown 3: What are you guys doing?

Clown 1: I am trying to figure out what to do with the eggs under the cross. I really think that this cross has something to do with Easter.

Clown 2: I am giving out candy. I don’t know what the cross is for, but I think candy is part of Easter

Clown 3: Well, I think that Easter is when you get new clothes and a new hat. ( She has several hats in a bag, and she moves off to one side and begins trying them each on.)
(Clown 4 comes up.)

Clown 4: What are you guys doing?

Clown 1: We are celebrating Easter. Can’t you tell?

Clowns 2&3: Yeah!!

Clown 4: How can you be celebrating Easter? You have no flowers. Easter is about celebrating spring. You need flowers. (Begins pulling silk flowers out of bag and giving them to other clowns)
(Clown 5 comes up).

Clown 5: (Yawns) What are you clowns doing?

Clown 1: (With a big sigh) Celebrating Easter, of course!

Clowns 2,3,4: Yeah, can’t you tell?

Clown 5: No, (yawn) I couldn’t tell. Don’t you guys know that Easter is about getting up early in the morning to go to Church? I am going to get some sleep so I will be ready. (Pulls out a pillow and lays down on floor)

(A Non-Clown person comes in. This may be a pastor or assistant).
Non-Clown: What are you clowns doing?

Clown 1: (Sighs) I am tired of answering that question!

Clown 2: We are celebrating Easter.

All clowns talk at once, explaining what they are doing to celebrate Easter.

Non-Clown: Boy, are you guys mixed up….. (He explains about Easter)
[Write your own story to fill this in, or let your Pastor do this and play a part.]


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