Easter Transformation

Easter Transformation – a skit for 2 silent clowns and 3 or more helpers

Written by John Gravley
MAIN IDEA: to show that Jesus takes all of our hurts and pains to the cross and through his sacrifice offers us hope and love.
HELPERS: two clowns (a sad face clown and a happy face clown) and at least three other helpers.
SETTING: at the front of the stage area there needs to be a table with a piece of black cloth draped over the front and the back. This represents the tomb. Jesus (the sad face) is placed into this after “the death” on the cross. While there is a song and a monologue the happy face clown changes places with the sad face clown in the tomb. The happy face clown is behind the back of the table and while the front the table is covered the happy and sad face clown can trade places without being seen. When the helpers lift the front sheet to see Jesus, they are surprised by the happy face clown who represents the risen Christ.
PROPS: a sign for Jesus to wear and two other groups of signs. The first group of signs says things like, failure, stress, sin, pain, suffering, disappointment, and sadness. The second group of signs say things like, acceptance, forgiveness, love, grace and hope.
SKIT: before the skit begins the two non-clown helpers distribute the first group of signs to members of the audience. The happy face clown is already hidden behind the black cloth on stage.
One of the helpers is the reader. The reader reads Luke 23:13-25.
When the reader is finished the sad face clown begins to walk toward the stage going through the audience slowly. Then the reader reads Luke 4:16-21. As the sad face clown walks through the audience the people with signs give them or put them around the neck of the sad face clown. With each sign the sad face clown walks slower and slower, feeling the weight of each sign.
Finally, the sad face clown reaches the front of the stage and stands as if now hanging on a cross. The reader reads Matthew 27:33-50.
After this, the other two helpers come and take Jesus to the tomb. They lift the front part of the cloth and place the sad face Jesus under the table. Then they lower the cloth so that the sad face Jesus can no longer be seen.
The whole congregation now sings the slow parts (the verses) of the Hymn, “Christ Arose.” While the congregation is singing the sad face and the happy face clown switch places. The happy face clown is wearing or has in a bag the second set of signs.
After the song is finished, the reader reads Matthew 28:1-2. The two other helpers go to the “tomb” and lift the cloth and are surprised when the happy face Jesus is there instead of the sad face Jesus. The happy face clown gets up and hugs the helpers who are excited and surprised.
Now the audience sings the fast part of the hymn (the chorus) singing .. “Up from the grave he arose”
The happy face clown now goes around and gives out the second set of signs to people. When all the signs are distributed the reader reads Luke 24:45-53. When finished the happy face clown motions for people to share the second set of signs with each other and pass them around.

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