Free Gospel clown skit with kneesy earsy nosey

Free Gospel clown skit with kneesy earsy nosey – for 2 or more clowns

A simple gospel skit that’s fairly flexible—for example, it can be done with two speaking clowns, or one speaking clown and one audience participant, either adult or child.  In the same way, it can be performed by a silent clown, with a children’s pastor (or someone else) narrating.  The basic premise is as follows:

Two chairs are set up on stage, facing the audience.  The first clown comes in, and starts doing ’kneesy earsy nosey‘, going progressively faster.  The second clown (or participant, etc.) enters and sits in the other chair. He either speaks or pantomimes that he can do that too, and the first clown starts over, going slow initially.  At first, the second clown tries to keep up, but soon he falls behind.  Depending on the clown’s character, he could be very upset, or walk off in anger, or be sad, etc.  At this point either the talking clown, or the narrator, could address the audience and explain that some people who aren’t truly Christians go to Church, say their prayers, give money in offerings or do other things.  But just like ‘kneesy-earsy-nosey’ the imitation isn’t the real thing, and won’t work.  He can then present the Gospel to the audience

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