God in a Box

Clown skit – God in a Box, a skit for 2 speaking clowns, by Steve Conley

This skit is done in the form of a poem
(Clown 1 walks in holding a beautifully decorated box.)
Clown1: In a box, in a box.
I have it all right here in a box.
Its got four walls, a bottom, a top
Its even got a latch and a nice fancy lock.
(Clown 2 walks in)
Clown 2: Nice box there my friend.
May I look, can I see what resides within?
Is it big? Is it small?
Can you put it on a table? Can you hang it on a wall?
Clown 1: No you may not! You will let him out.
He will fly through the air and wander about.
I keep him here where he’s safe and sound.
If we open the box he will never be found.
Clown 2: What? Just what do you have in the box?
He must be rare if he’s contained with a lock.
Is He full of color? Is he bright? Can he speak?
He’s really quiet. Is he awake or asleep?
Clown 1: He’s awake can’t you hear him pounding the sides?.
Let me out, let me out he says but I can not comply.
He needs to have limits, walls you see.
He might do way too much if I set him free.
Clown 2: I hear nothing in there. Are you telling the truth or lies.
I’d like to take a peek with my very own eyes.
Don’t be stingy, free the lock with the key.
Open the lid to the box and show it to me.
Clown 1: I’m telling the truth you will know that for certain.
I have God in this box. The creator in carton.
He must stay in here and do as I desire.
If I let God from the box more of me might be required.
Clown 2: God? You have God in a box?
You have nothing right there in your box.
You can never contain God with four walls, a bottom, a top
Not even a latch and a nice fancy lock.
Clown 1: What? How dare you say.
You can’t talk about my God that way.
In the box He has limits I keep them small like me.
Outside the box I’m afraid I can’t control what I can not see.
(Clown 2 say this slowly with feeling)
Clown 2: The pounding you hear the plea of release.
That is your heart crying out, begging to be free.
God can do great things if you open the box.
Knock down the walls, the bottom, the top.
God sent his Son to die on a cross, for you, for me.
So that all lids can be opened and all can go free.
Set the box down, you need it no more.
When you open the lid, you’ve opened the door.
(Clown sets the box down, opens the lid and slowly walks off. If possible have a spot light show on the box while the rest is black out.)
Copyright © by Steve Conley. All rights reserved.

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