God’s Employment Agency

God’s Employment Agency – a skit for four (or more) speaking clowns

Props: Desk (optional), clipboard with a list (excellent for helping with the lines), 1 or more “twisty” balloons, cotton candy, surfer outfit (we used a grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, and a snowboard as a surfboard, train ticket and/or train whistle).  If you use additional people, you’ll want additional props 🙂

Bible verse: Matthew 20:1-16

Begins with the Manager clown (in our example, Doc the Rube) at his desk, other clowns waiting in chairs.

Doc: Welcome to God’s Employment Agency, who’s next, please?

Raynbow: I’m next!

Doc: Okay, what position are you applying for?

Raynbow: Well, it should be fairly obvious, shouldn’t it? (inflates a twisty balloon).  Balloon Twister in Paris.

Doc: Balloon twister in Paris … let’s check on that … (looks at clipboard) … no, awfully sorry, that position has been filled.

Raynbow: (shows sadness, let’s inflated balloon go so that it flies into the audience) What am I going to do with all these balloons? (wanders back to group)

Doc: Go back to the waiting room and we’ll see what else comes up.  Next?

Goofy Grape: (in surfer outfit, etc.) I’d like to be that Professional Surfer in Hawaii.  I even have my train ticket! (blows train whistle)

Doc: Well, there are some pretty wet train tracks between here and Hawaii … but let me check on that for you … (consults clipboard) … wow, sorry, that’s been filled.  Back in line, please.  Who’s next?

Sunnyside: (carrying cotton candy) Guess what I do?

Doc: Cotton candy tasting at the circus?

Sunnyside: How did you know?

Doc: Let’s see what we can do for you … (consults clipboard) … Not only has that position been filled, but the circus has left town.

(Group steps closer to Doc)

Goofy Grape: Excuse me, sir, are there any jobs for us?

Doc: As a matter of fact, there is one available, but I don’t know if it’s right for any of you.

All: Please, tell us, c’mon (etc.).

Doc: All right, settle down.  Line up nicely.  I’ll give you the job description.  This job requires travel …

All: Yeah! (applause)

Doc: You may have to learn new languages.

All: Bonjour! Hola! Oui!

Doc: Travel to exotic locations …

Raynbow: Like Stoughton? (Editor’s note: substitute for some other nearby town)

Doc: Taste new foods …

All: Tofu? Cocoanuts? Rutabagas?

Doc: Sure … stuff like that.  How many of you want to apply?

All: Yes, sure, uh-huh.

Doc: Okay, here are the requirements: You have to be a fool for Christ (all agree); you may wander from place to place (start to look worried); you may end up with rags for clothes (Raynbow looks at his outfit, leaves disheartened).  You’ll work hard, wear yourselves out, and may be insulted; you may be hungry and thirsty (Sunnyside leaves, clutching the cotton candy); and you may even be beaten (Goofy Grape touches her head, ribs, etc.).  Well, you seem to be the only one left.  Are you interested in this job?

Goofy Grape: When do I start?

Doc: You can leave right away.

Goofy Grape: By the way, what is the job called?

Doc: You, my friend, are now a missionary! (fanfare, Doc shakes her hand, confetti, pastor shakes hands).  Doc walks off with Goofy Grape.

Courtesy of the Asbury Clown Troupe

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