Good News or Bad News? (Easter Sunday clown skit)

Good News or Bad News? an Easter Sunday clown skit for 6 or more clowns, courtesy of  Clowns for Christ

Originally written for Easter 1997

Script is for a cast of Happy Clowns, Sad Clowns, and Adult Clowns, 6 of each kind. If needed, one clown can play more than one role of the same type of clown. Also, one Little Girl Clown.

Scene opens with a Little Girl Clown sitting center stage reading a book. Off to one side two or more Sad Clowns are sitting on the floor, looking…well, sad. Suddenly from the other side several young Happy Clowns enter playing kazoos.

Sad Clown 1: (standing) Stop that racket!

Sad Clown 2: (standing) Yeah, what do you think you are doing?

(Happy Clowns stop playing)

Happy Clown 1: We are making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Happy Clown 2: We’re celebrating!

Sad Clown 3: (standing) There is nothing to celebrate.

Happy Clown 3: Yes there is!

Happy Clown 4: Yeah, The Messiah has come!

Little Girl Clown: What is a Messiah?

Happy Clown 5: He is our Savior!

Little Girl Clown: What is a Savior?

Happy Clown 6: He is the Promised One!

Little Girl Clown: Promised One?

Happy Clown 1: The Son of God!

Little Girl Clown: Really?

Happy Clown 2: Our King!

Little Girl Clown: Whose King?

Happy Clown 3: The Lamb of God!

Little Girl Clown: Lamb?

All Happy Clowns together: JESUS!

Sad Clown 4: But you don’t understand….

Little Girl Clown: Wait a minute, Who is Jesus?

Happy Clown 4: Jesus performed miracles!

Happy Clown 5: He made the blind to see!

Happy Clown 6: He made the lame walk!

Happy Clown 1: He even made a guy who was dead come back to life!

Happy Clown 2: Yeah and a girl, too!

Happy Clown 3: He turned water into wine!

Happy Clown 4: He taught us how to live.

Happy Clown 5: He told us to love one another.

Happy Clown 6: He blessed the children.

Happy Clown 1: He told great stories.

Happy Clown 2: He is God in the form of a man.

Happy Clown 3: He came to save us.

Sad Clown 5: (yelling) But, they killed Him!

Happy Clown 4: No way!

Sad Clown 6: But, it’s true!

Sad Clown 1: They beat Him up!

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 2: They made fun of Him.

All happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 3: When they heard He was supposed to be King, they put a crown of thorns on His head and mashed it down so the thorns made Him bleed.

All happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 4: They nailed Him to a cross.

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 5: With real nails!

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 6: That hurt!

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 1: They cut him.

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 2: He died.

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Sad Clown 3: I saw them bury Him in a cave.

All Happy Clowns: Gasp!

Happy clown 5: I don’t believe it!

Happy Clown 6: He wouldn’t let them do that to Him!

Little Girl Clown: But Why?

Sad Clown 4: But it’s true!

(Happy Clowns and Sad Clowns all start arguing and yelling. Little Girl Clown sits and covers her ears.)

(Then Adult Clowns come in and blow whistles. All clowns stop arguing.)

Adult Clown 1: What is going on here?

(Happy and Sad Clowns start arguing again.)

(Adult Clowns blow whistles and arguing stops),

Adult Clown 2: You, (pointing to Little Girl Clown) tell us what is going on here.

Little Girl Clown: Well they were talking about this wonderful Jesus, (point to Happy Clowns, then to Sad Clowns) but then they said that someone killed him.

Adult Clown 3: Oh, well, you are all right.

(Happy and Sad Clowns start fighting again, until adults blow whistles.)

Adult Clown 4: First you have to understand about God. He made us, and He loves us very much, but He also gave us some rules to follow.

Sad Clown 5: What rules?

Adult Clown 5: Well, like don’t kill.

Happy Clown 1: Oh, I would never do that.

Adult Clown 6: And no stealing.

Sad Clown 6: Yeah, we know that stealing is wrong.

Adult Clown 1: Don’t worship other gods, or statues.

Happy Clown 2: Never!

Adult Clown 2: Don’t tell lies.

Happy Clown 3: Oh Oh, I did that once. (sits down)

Sad Clown 1: Oh, no! Me, too. (sits down)

Happy Clown 4: Oh, oh. (sits down, too.)

Adult Clown 3: We are not supposed to go around wishing we had the stuff our friends have.

Happy Clown 5, Happy Clown 6, and Sad Clown 2: Oh, oh (they all sit down.)

Adult Clown 4: Oh yeah, and there is a commandment about obeying your parents.

Rest of the Happy and Sad Clowns: Oh oh. (they all sit)

Adult Clown 6: See, none of us could follow all the rules.

Adult Clown 1: We all deserve to be punished, but God loved us too much.

Adult Clown 2: So Jesus came and took the punishment that we deserve.

Adult Clown 3: He let those people hurt Him because He loved us so-o-o-o-o much.

Little Girl Clown: So we won’t get punished for the bad stuff we did?

Adult Clown 4: Well, you will still have consequences for what you do, because we are trying to learn how to be good, but God forgives us. Because of what Jesus did, everything bad we do can be erased in God’s special book.

Sad Clown 2: Did Jesus die for everybody’s sins or just for Christians?

Adult Clown 5: He died for everyone, but when you become a Christian you accept the gift Jesus wants to give us. You have to tell God you want your bad stuff erased, and when you do that, you ask Jesus to come and live in your heart. That is part of the deal.

Adult Clown 6: Then you will want to try to do only good things and not do the bad ones, because you are living for Jesus.

Happy Clown 6: But isn’t it still sad that He is dead now?

Adult Clown 1: No, you don’t know the rest of the story.

Adult Clown 2: Three days after He died, some of His friends went to visit His grave, and guess what?

Happy and Sad Clowns: What?

Adult Clown 3: He wasn’t there! He was Alive again!

Adult Clown 4: He is Risen!

Adult Clown 5: He is risen, indeed!

Adult Clown 6: He visited His friends and told them to tell everyone that He is not Dead, He is Alive, and we have been forgiven for all of our sins!

Happy Clowns, Sad Clowns and Little Girl Clown: Hooray!

(Happy Clowns stand and start marching around playing kazoo’s and Sad Clowns, Adult Clowns and Little Girl Clown follow singing.)

The End

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