GPS for Life

GPS for Life, courtesy of Epworth Rehoboth Beach Clowning for Joy

Begins with group (at least 3) of clowns sitting down with kids Solo clown coming the other way

Clown 2: (When sitting) Good morning kids. I am Clown 2 (other clowns introduce themselves )

Clown 1: (holding a map asks kids) do you know what this is?

Clown 2:: what does it help you do? (hopefully kids says find your way or clown will say it “Find your way even when you are lost”)

Clown 1: my grandpa uses a GPS in his car to find his way and when he makes a wrong turn the lady on there says “recalculating recalculating” that means he’s made a wrong turn and headed in the wrong direction

Clown 3: (in a giggling tone) ya, when my grandpa hears that voice he says it sounds like my grandma!

Clown 2:: My Sunday school teacher taught me that the Bible is full of “direction  for our life”

Clown 1: You just need to open it. Or turn it on if you have a version on your computer.

(GB has a Bible and the other clown has an iPad)

Clown 3: there are passages that talk about directions and decisions. In Psalm 32 the Lord says: I will instruct you, I will teach you the way you should go

Clown 1 : the Bible is full of all sorts of advice for our life and even though it is over 2000 years old, it applies perfectly today!

Clown 2:: Look over there it’s Clown 4. She has been struggling to find her way.

(Clown 4 walks towards us holding a GPS and goes down aisle and each time turning away from alter someone upstairs says “Recalculating” 2 aisles

Clown 1 : Let’s help her find her way (meeting her in center)

Clown 4: Hi everybody. I am so lost. My life is full of troubles. Can you help me?

Clown 3: Clown 4, we would love too.

Clown 4: I am so tired of hearing Recalculating

Clown 3 : When we head in the wrong direction God helps us find our way by putting certain roadblocks in our way. It is his way of saying Recalculating. He wants us to turn towards Him.

Clown 4: How do I do that? How do I hear God?

Clown 2:: First off, by praying and reading the Bible.

Clown 1: And be still and listen, so you can hear God’s voice which is sometimes a whisper.

Clown 2: In one of the passages for today, Jacob had a dream and saw a stairway coming down from heaven

Clown 1: Just like those steps, these remind us that God comes down to us to lead us to a place of blessing. (pointing to alter steps). And we are to be willing to have God send us to those in need.

Clown 4: Even for me?

Clown 3: YES…for everybody (pointing to kids) YES…for all of us!! (pointing to congregation) But lets trade your GPS for the Bible. This will never leave you lost.

(They trade the GPS for the Bible)

(all sitting down for a prayer and as they get closer the voice above says) “Arriving at Destination!”
Heavenly Father, we thank you, for being our compass and map. Teach us to trust that you are beside us, and guiding us in our life. And by listening, praying and reading your Word, when we look up (or when we look towards you), we will see your stairway, leading us to a “place of blessing”. Amen

REMINDER: Bring GPS, I pad and Bible

Author: Good Book aka Ray Book

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