High wire Gospel skit – using the classic “slack rope” clown routine to demonstrate the Gospel
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High wire Gospel skit

High wire Gospel skit – using the classic “slack rope” clown routine to demonstrate the Gospel

Props: a length of rope (at least 6 feet long), a stuffed toy animal (or balloon twisted) to ride on the clown’s back at the end, tape measure, balancing stick, parasol
Required: 4 or more clowns, one to act as announcer, one to act as the high-wire walker, the rest to act as the crowd
The skit begins with the clowns walking on stage – while the announcer steps forward and begins talking, two of the clowns in the background, each taking an end of the rope, and walking apart, making the “high wire”
Announcer: Welcome, everyone! We’re proud to announce that Clown 1 (who comes forward and takes a bow) is going to demonstrate the famous act of crossing Niagara Falls on a high wire! (wait for the audience to react) Clown 1 will cross the wire at a height of 1,000 feet (Clown 1 looks at the height of the rope from the floor — does a fake jump to get to the top, measures the height with a tape measure, etc. — and gets the announcer’s attention)
Announcer: Oh! Well, instead of a height of 1,000 feet, Clown 1 will cross the high wire at a height of 6 feet! (Clown 1 walks back over to the rope, reaches up and grabs it, tries to pull — the 2 ‘end’ clowns come closer, etc. — she can’t get up there! Gets the announcer’s attention again)
Announcer: Oh! Well, since we don’t have a ladder today, how about a height of … 3 feet?
(The 2 ‘end’ clowns lower the height to 3 feet — Clown 1 comes over, tries sitting on it, etc. — it’s still too high! Clown 1 gets the Announcer’s attention)
Announcer: Still too high? (the 2 ‘end’ clowns lower the rope to 1 inch off the ground — Clown 1 walks over smiling, measures the height, and is all smiles)
High wire Gospel skit – using the classic “slack rope” clown routine to demonstrate the GospelAnnouncer: All right! Now we’re ready to do this dangerous crossing! Do you think she can make it? (clowns encourage the audience to applaud, yell “Yes,” etc.) That’s great! Not only will Clown 1 make this hazardous crossing, Clown 1 will … carry someone across on her back! Who will volunteer?
(The crowd on stage backs off in a panic — nobody wants to volunteer! This needs to be visual and clownish, as clowns literally climb over each other to get away from the “dangerous” crossing)
Announcer: Wait a minute! You all believe that Clown 1 can do it, right?
(Clowns murmur agreement, shake their heads yes, etc.)
Announcer: But even though you believe it, you won’t go?
(Clowns refuse clownishly again)
Announcer: And that’s the difference between believing something and faith. Some people believe that Jesus is God’s own Son, and can save them, change them, and help them to live right — but they won’t put themselves into Jesus’ hands. But, to prove the point, Clown 1 will cross with someone on her back! (puts stuffed animal, etc. on Clown 1’s back, and Clown 1 crosses the ‘dangerous’ high wire, exaggerating wildly, pretending to lose balance, etc.)


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