Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost – a clown ministry skit for a troupe of speaking clowns, talking about the Holy Ghost, and how Christians should see him in action

Application: You can see Jesus in the action of those who love him.

Scripture: John 14:21: They who have my commandments and keep them are those who love me, and those who love me will be loved by my Father, and I will love them and reveal myself to them.

Doc enters, sits down, pulls out his lunch of a fish skeleton.

Cheeks and Pi enter.Pi says to Doc- “What’s the problem?”

Doc shows him the fish and mimes that he’s hungry.

Pi “Oh, you’re a fisherman, Well, Jesus was a fisher of men, and he is going to send us a sign of the holy spirit. Here it is.” He bends down and picks up a sign with holes in it that says Holy Spirit.

Doc looks at the sign and mimes that he is still hungry. Pi steps to the side with Arianna.

JJ enters and says- “That sign isn’t going to work. The Holy Spirit has to be drilled into you. See, I’ve got mine right here with me.” He mimes drilling a hole in the head of Doc with a foam drill.
Doc resists and JJ steps to the side.

Raynbow enters with a white balloon covered with a white cloth draped over it with two eye holes.  Raynbow “Did I hear someone talking about the Holy Ghost.?”PI and JJ “No, we’re talking about the Holy Spirit.”

Raynbow: “It’s not the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Ghost. You know, as in Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Doc begins to cry. He grabs the cloth off of the “ghost” and uses it for a handkerchief.  Raynbow steps to the side.

Cheeks approaches Doc, notices that he is hungry and offers him a foam sandwich. Doc takes the sandwich and they leave off stage.

Steve enters and addresses clowns PI, JJ, and Rainbow. “You just witnessed the Holy Spirit. You can see the Holy Spirit in the action of those who love Jesus and follow his commandment to love one another.

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