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Is the Price Right?

Is the Price Right? a clown ministry skit for 4 (or more) speaking clowns

contributed by dale.beatty at dfas.mil

(this skit runs like the tv game show “the price is right” clowns can vary from 1 up to 6, but if less clowns are used then you will need to call up volunteers to help)

Props: table with 4 place cards each marked with a number 1 thru 4. a contestant will stand behind a numbered card (card should be able to be seen by audience) clock, bible, hymnal, offering plate.

Head Clown (HC) plays the role of game show host, Assistant Clown (AC) announces and describes gifts (this part can be played by HC if needed), 4 clowns as contestants (or if needed call up people from audience)

HC first should explain to audience that clapping and making noise as in a game show is encouraged, and appreciated

HC: Hello everyone I am your host HC (or whatever clown name), and my assistant is AC (again, whatever clown plays this role). Are you ready to play the game ” Is The Price Right?” Encourage the audience to participate with clapping etc.

HC: This is the game where you can win prizes by just guessing the price of the gift . are you ready to play? : – then lets play, but first we need 4 contestants

HC: (to AC) AC, will you call up the 4 contestants

AC: Thanks HC: our first contestant is (AC will then announce the name of either a clown in audience or some one unsuspecting member (but be prepared for ad-libs) four times) AC and HC should encourage clapping from others

HC: ok lets get ready to play the price is right. AC will you tell us what the first prize is??

AC: Yes HC!!! our first prize is a Bible. this handsome hard cover Bible is the Good News Bible filled with God’s word. This is the place to go if you want to understand the word of God

HC asks each contestant their bid on the bible.

HC: ok AC what is the price of the good news Bible?

AC : the price is $_____

HC— that means contestant ## wins the Bible HC then places the Bible in front of the contestant

HC : our next prize is a Lutheran hymnal, what is this AC???

(AC holds up the hymnal for all to see) AC– this is another hard cover book, in the color of green. this book is filled with worship services for Lutherans as well as songs of praise.

HC again asks the contestants for the price of the hymnal, and HC asks AC for the price the closest without going over gets the hymnal hint:— you may want to try to split up the prizes so every contestant gets a prize

repeat this for gold offering plate (beautifully polished gold plate in which you can offer money for the use of spreading the good news of Christ)

last prize is a calendar (this calendar shows every Sunday of the year in which to worship and praise God after the Bible, hymnal, offering plate, and calendar has been awarded then HC will announce the last prize.

HC— our last and best prize is what AC!!!!!

AC— well HC our last gift is the gift of salvation and everlasting life.

HC: thanks AC this is a great gift. I can’t believe this is being offered today

HC: ok contestants how much would you give for everlasting life and salvation

(if the contestants are clowns or planted people have them give some really silly amounts. if the contestants are not planted then let them say whatever price is — after all the prices have been given, then HC will and go to each prize and say) HC: Bible: will you win everlasting life and salvation in heaven by reading the bible and knowing every verse and word of god? try go get all to respond with a loud no

hymnal: if you know all the hymns and all the worship services contained in this hymnal will you get to heaven?

again try to get a loud no from the congregation

offering plate: if you put money in the offering plate will you live forever in heaven?

need another loud no

calendar: if you go to church every Sunday for the rest of you life will you have eternal life?

hopefully another no response

HC: no amount of money or gift will get you into heaven and everlasting life so let’s ask AC what the price or heaven is

AC: — well HC the price to heaven has already been paid. it was paid by Jesus Christ— Son of God— who loved us so much– he was born in human form lived as a person and because of his love for us died for our sins. so as you see the price to everlasting life in heaven has been paid by Jesus, and through His grace we can have eternal life. See the Bible Ephesians chap 2 verse 8

HC: let me understand this AC– are you saying we can all have this great prize?

AC: yes it is available to everyone, let those who would like such a gift raise their hand try to get even the congregation to raise their hand.

This is the end except for a short prayer


Computer nerd by day, professional clown on evenings and weekends (Raynbow), who combines the two by maintaining a bunch of websites dedicated to the history and performances of clowning, such as Free Clown Skits, and comedy such as Best Clean Funny Jokes.
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