Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me – clown skit written by John Gravley

MAIN IDEA: to show that Jesus loves us and cares for us especially when we feel rejected by others.

HELPERS: at least one clown (who wears a sign that says “Jesus around his/her neck) and eight other helpers who can be clowns but do not have to be clowns.

SETTING: any stage area will work.

PROPS: a sign for Jesus to wear, a large report card showing bad grades, a basketball, a phone, book, rice bowl and chopsticks, some clothes in a laundry bag, a sign that says, “Boss” and some red hearts cut out of paper.

SKIT: as the skit begins, the helpers take their places on the stage. One person is holding the big report card, three people are holding a basketball, two people are pretending to be mother and daughter and two people are pretending to be a boss and worker. All these people move onto the stage and freeze as Jesus enters and walks among them.

Jesus walks around looking at all the different people. The people just stare straight ahead. After Jesus walks around all the people, Jesus stops and looks at the person with the big report card.

The person with the report card comes alive. That person walks to center stage and holds the report card for a moment and slowly opens the card. The report card has bad marks and the person is sad and upset with the bad grades. The person shows the card to everyone and shows how disappointed they feel. The person with the bad report card is very sad and unhappy. That persons begins to cry. Jesus walks over to that person to see what is wrong. The person shows Jesus the report card. Jesus listens to the person and finally hugs the person to comfort them. Jesus then takes out one of the red hearts and gives it to the person to show Jesus’ love for them. The person feels better and hugs Jesus. Then this person moves back to the original position with the heart and freezes.

Next Jesus walks over to the three basketball players. Three players start to play with the ball, but one player is not very good and soon the other two stop playing with the other player. The other player wants to play but is not included. The two players make fun of and begin to laugh at the other player. Then the two players walk away leaving the one player all alone. The one player is very sad and upset. Jesus then goes to the one player who has been left out and “listens” and offers a hug to that player. Also Jesus takes out a red heart and gives it to the player. The player now feels better. The three players move back to their original position and freeze.

Next Jesus walks over to the mother and daughter. The daughter is holding a phone and pretends to be talking. The mother goes over to the daughter with a school book and tries to get the daughter to look at the book, to study. The daughter ignores the mother and continues to talk on the phone. The mother then gets a bowl and chopsticks and tries to give them to the daughter to eat. But the daughter ignores the mom and continues talking on the phone. The mother is sad. After this the daughter continues to talk on the phone and then takes some clothes and dumps them at the mother’s feet instructing her to wash them. The daughter then walks away still talking on the phone. The mother is very upset and sad. Jesus sees the mother and walks over to her. Jesus hugs the mother to comfort her and offers her a red heart. This makes the mother happy. Then the mother and daughter move back to their original position and freeze.

Next Jesus walks over to the boss and worker. The boss is yelling at the worker and motions that the worker is fired or sacked. The worker pleads for their job but the boss doesn’t care. The boss motions for the worker to leave. As the worker walks away, very upset, Jesus walks over to them. Jesus hugs and comforts the worker and gives the worker a red heart. The boss and worker return to their original position and freeze.

Now Jesus moves to the center of the stage and takes out 5 or 6 more red hearts and offers them to the audience. As Jesus offers the hearts, all the people on stage with hearts, hold them up for all to see.


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