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Making room for my stuff

Making room for my stuff – A clown ministry skit for 2 speaking clowns

Props required: a large foam Bible that is hollowed out, as well as things to pull out of it (colored silks, for example) and things to put in (could be anything appropriate to your clown – balloon animals, juggling balls, magic props, etc.)

Clown 1 walks onto the stage, carrying the foam Bible; he addresses the audience.

Clown 1: Did you ever notice that there’s lots of good stuff in the Bible? But there’s also some stuff that just doesn’t make me comfortable.

[opens the Bible, pulls out a black silk (or sheet of black construction paper, foam words that spell out ‘sin’, etc.]

Clown 1: The Bible talks about sin, which means disobeying God. [pause] But a lot of people aren’t comfortable hearing about that! So, I’m just going to take that stuff out of my Bible [wait for audience reaction], and make room for things that I like [put in one of the clown’s props, using them first – ie. juggling juggling balls, making a balloon animal, etc.].

Clown 1: And something else that the Bible talks about is … blood! [act squeamish] Gross! Who wants to hear about blood? [pulls out a red scarf to symbolize blood, red construction paper, foam red letters that spell ‘blood’, etc. – be sure to clown about touching the ‘gross’ stuff]

Clown 1: And that leaves room for more things that I like! [puts another clown prop inside, clowning with it first]

[Clown 2 walks on stage]

Clown 2: Hello, Clown 1! [walks over, does a clownish greeting like a clown handshake] What are you doing?

Clown 1: I’m getting rid of some stuff from the Bible that I don’t need.

Clown 2: Oh. [does a double-takeWhat?

Clown 1: Oh, you know, stuff that I don’t need to hear about, like ‘sin’ [holds up the ‘sin’ prop].

Clown 2: But if you don’t know what sin is, how can you avoid it? Don’t you know that sin leads to death?  [pantomimes dying in exaggerated clown style] – the Bible says, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23)”

Clown 1: Oh! But it makes me uncomfortable — doesn’t God want me to be happy? [mugs a happy face for the audience]

Clown 2: You can only be truly happy by walking with God — Jesus will make you happy, but you can’t walk with Jesus and sin.

Clown 1: That’s the other thing — Jesus talks about blood [shows the blood prop] and that’s gross! [again, pantomiming discomfort at touching the ‘gross’ stuff]

Clown 2: That’s not gross — that’s love! [pulls out a ‘love’ prop — a large pink or red heart cut out from construction paper, a large foam heart, etc.] Jesus loved us so much, that he died in our place on the cross — he shed his blood to save our lives.

Clown 1: So, all that stuff should be in the Bible!

Clown 2: Yep! So let’s keep it the way God made it! Besides, did you know that God curses anyone who takes anything out of the Bible?

Clown 1: Curse? [looks up heavenward] I’m sorry! I didn’t know!

[Clowns gather up the props, walk off stage, with Clown 1 repeatedly looking up and acting fearful]


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