More than Hear

More than Hear – a clown skit for 3 or more clowns, written by  John Gravley

MAIN IDEA: to show that Jesus does not just tell us about God’s love but joins our lives to live God’s love through us. We don’t just listen to Jesus we have to invite Jesus to live with us.

HELPERS: at least three but more can join.

SETTING: two areas are needed. One area is a worship area and the other area is a living area.

PROPS: a sign for Jesus to wear, a Bible or big book that can be a Bible, some snacks, some books to study and some other activity for clowns to share (maybe a deck of cards to play)

SKIT: two (or more clowns) are studying together and eventually they get into a fight and somebody gets mad.

After a pause they get up one by one and move over to the worship area where Jesus is standing motioning as if teaching. Gradually the clowns that have been fighting are no longer angry with each other.

They return to the living area and begin to share a snack. Soon one of the clowns does something to tease the other and they get mad at each other again.

After a pause they get up again and move over to where Jesus is teaching. They listen and Jesus makes lots of motions about getting together and finally they are not mad at each other and get together.

They return to the living area and start to play a game. Soon something happens and they are mad at each other again … this time very upset with each other.

Once again they go over to where Jesus is teaching, they listen and they notice Jesus inviting them to come closer and closer to Jesus. When they get close enough Jesus puts an arm around each person and holds them together. They then invite Jesus over to their living area.

Now with Jesus between them or with them they begin to study or play and are able to get along and are happy because Jesus is now with them.


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