A new creature in Christ – a clown ministry skit for 2 speaking clowns
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A new creature in Christ

A new creature in Christ – a clown ministry skit for 2 speaking clowns

Props: a large cardboard box (think refrigerator box), or something equivalent. Assuming that you have (or acquired) a refrigerator box, cut out a large window in the top, so the audience can see the clown once he enters. You could also have a flashlight hidden on the bottom of the box, so the clown can stoop down and flash the light as the device is working. You also want to draw with a marker some settings, such as “Clown,” “Chicken,” and “Christian”. Also a Bible, either real or clown prop.
At the beginning of the skit, Clown 1 pushes the box (think “transmogrifier” from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip) on stage.
Clown 1: There! That’s done! Now, I need to find a victim … I mean, volunteer!
Clown 2: (jumps up from the audience, with all of the energy of a kindergarten child who’s eaten a pound of sugar) Me! Me! Pick me! (runs up onto the stage) Oh please, please, please pick me! (gets on his knees, hands clasped in front of him – traditional pleading pose) Oh, please, pleasePLEASE pick me! (slight pause) Don’t make me beg!
Clown 1: (wait for the audience to react, then) Oh, okay, you’ll do. We’re going to demonstrate for the audience the meaning of 2 Corinthians 5:17-21
Clown 2: Great! I love that! It’s my favorite verse!
Clown 1: (looks at Clown 2) Really!
Clown 2: Sure is! They all are! What is it?
Clown 1: (with an exasperated sigh, grabs his Bible)  “Therefore if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away the new has come..”
Clown 2: Great! So … (looks at the cardboard box) … you’re going to turn me into a box? I don’t think that’s a creature …
Clown 1: (reacts to the audience) No! You go into the box, and I turn the dial, and we show how you can be changed.
Clown 2: Great! (walks into the box through the cut-out door) Now what do I do?
Clown 1: (walks to the side, turns the imaginary dial to “chicken”) Now, we turn you into … a chicken!
Clown 2: (reacts, possibly ducks down & flashes the flashlight) I … feel funny! (walks out, walking like a chicken) Don’t go so fast! Backup! Backup! Backkkkkup!
Clown 1: And, you’re a chicken!
Clown 2: That’s a fowl joke! (looks at himself) I don’t have any feathers! I’m not a chicken!
Clown 1: Oh, yeah? (pulls some chicken feed, real or imaginary, out of a pocket, puts it on the floor) Here’s some chicken feed!
Clown 2: (walks over like a chicken, tries to peck it) Mmm, my favorite! Where’d you get it?
Clown 1: (to the adults) My last paycheck.
Clown 2: But why don’t I look like a chicken?
Clown 1: Because the change starts on the inside, and works its way out.  Here, get back in the box, and I’ll set the dial to “Christian”
Clown 2: (clucks his way back into the box, flashes the light as he changes, walks back out normally) Well, I’m not a chicken anymore.
Clown 1: (smiling) Nope!
Clown 2: But I don’t look any different …
Clown 1: Remember, the change starts on the inside, and works its’ way out —  a real Christian will act different – he’ll show the fruits of the Spirit —  love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. (pulls out a bowl of fruit to demonstrate)
Clown 2: (grabs the bowl of fruit) Good! Being a chicken made me hungry!
Clown 1: Hey! Give that back! (ends in a chase)


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