Praying Clowns, a clown skit for 2 speaking clowns, courtesy of Clowns for Christ
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Praying Clowns

Praying Clowns, a clown skit for 2 speaking clowns, courtesy of Clowns for Christ

Clown One is introduced by Pastor and comes and sits by him to talk to kids about prayer. Clown Two sneaks in. Kids see Clown Two, but Clown One pretends not to.
Clown One: I am going to talk to you guys about prayer. We have the Lord’s Prayer that we all know, but I pray differently when I’m by myself. I usually start out by saying, “Hello, Heavenly Father!”
Clown Two: Hello.
Clown One: This is strange. I have had God talk to me before, but never out loud. Anyway, after I tell Him hello, I tell Him thank you for everything He has given me, like my family and good food and the Earth.
Clown Two: Well, if you really are thankful for those things, why don’t you take better care of them?
Clown One:  What do you mean?
Clown Two: Well, if you are thankful for your family, you should treat them like you are. Listen to your parents, don’t fight with your brother and sister, try to help out around the house, don’t waste all that food you have been given, and don’t mess up the Earth.
Clown One: OK, OK, I get the idea. (To kids) Anyway, then I pray for people. God bless Mom and Dad and Bill and Mary, and my clown friends and these kids. . . .
Clown Two: Wait a minute, are you only praying for people you like?
Clown One: Of course.
Clown Two: The Bible says to also pray for people you don’t like.
Clown One: But if I pray for people I am mad at, it’ll be pretty hard to stay mad at them.
Clown Two: Exactly.
Clown One: Oh, I get it, God doesn’t want me to stay mad at them. OK. Well, let’s see what do I do next. Oh yeah, I ask for the things I want. Actually, I ask for things for other people first. Do any of you have any prayer requests? (Listen to a couple, then pray for them)
Clown Two: We will see.
Clown One: What do you mean, “We will see?” I have read the Bible and it says, “Ask and you shall receive.” I just asked. Now, I should receive.
Clown Two: It doesn’t work that way.
Clown One: Then how does it work?
Clown Two: Do you remember when you were a little clown and you used to want to play ball in the middle of the street?
Clown one: Oh yeah, the street was White Sands Blvd. (some major street). I wonder why my mom never let me? (Let kids answer) Well, I didn’t know I could get hit by a car and get hurt.
Clown Two: But your mom did. That is why she never let you play in the street; she knew what you did not.
Clown One: I used to get so mad at her. I just thought she was being mean.
Clown Two: Well she wasn’t. She just knew more than you did, and because she loved you, she said “no” when you asked to play in the street. It is the same way with God. He knows things that we don’t, and so sometimes even though we don’t understand why, He says “no” when we pray to him. We just have to remember that he loves us and wants what is best, even when it makes us mad. Now sometimes God says “yes,” and He gives us what we ask for. Sometimes, even when we ask for something impossible, He gives it to us. God decides the answer; all we can do is ask.
Clown One: Wait a minute, what do you mean “we?” I thought I was talking to God.
Clown Two  (sitting beside Clown One): No, I am just a clown like you. I just love prayer. It’s my favorite thing to do and talk about. I would like to join all of you in prayer if our pastor will lead us.


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