Pumpkin Carving Skit

Pumpkin Carving Skit – suitable for Halloween, harvest time, Thanksgiving

(courtesy of Flutterby, looney4one at aol.com)

hello Everybody! I just did a short little lesson at children’s church today and thought someone might be looking for an idea for this season of the year…..

I did a story about the pumpkin. I asked the children how many had been to a pumpkin patch yet and that I had just been there the day before (here in Iowa there are lots of pumpkin patches).  I told them I needed to carve my pumpkin right away and asked if I could do it while I was there. My pumpkin was on the floor and I went into some silliness of trying to get the pumpkin from the floor to the little table I was going to use to carve. I acted like it was too heavy and my legs buckled and I drooped too low and couldn’t get it on the table … Then I tried to swing it onto the table and instead got myself swinging around in circles and missed the table … I’m sure you all could think of other silliness….

I finally got the pumpkin on the table and started to work on carving it. I told the group how amazing it is that God has stories he wants to share and they are everywhere. God shared a story with me in the pumpkin patch. He showed me how sometimes we are like pumpkins … (I told them some people call me a pumpkin head … That got a laugh) we look so nice on the outside, but inside we are all yucky! But when we ask Jesus in our hearts, he volunteers to take the yucky slimy stuff out, …. The seeds of envy and lying and jealousy … and after he gets it all cleaned out … He comes in and when Jesus comes into our lives he brings a bright light.

While I’m talking I am pretending to carve the pumpkin (I carved it the night before) but have the back of the pumpkin to the audience. I had a battery operated night light and put that in my pumpkin. Then I tell the children that Jesus light is so bright that his light shines not only in us, but through us. And I turn the pumpkin around and the lights go dim and the group sees the cross carved in the pumpkin. It got a very nice … ahhhhhhh!!!! then I told everyone to ask their parents for an extra pumpkin to carve this year so they can carve a cross on their pumpkin and when people walk by they will know that Jesus lives in that house. What do you think? It was simple but still had a good message and a little silliness at the beginning to make it clowny …. Let me know if any of you use it.

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