I am redeemed, but not with hot dogs

I am redeemed, but not with hot dogs – a clown ministry skit for 2 speaking clowns

A skit for two talking clowns, explaining what ‘redeem’ means. An original skit by Raynbow the Clown.
Props required: a large paper ‘coupon’, a Bible.
(Raynbow, walks to the center of the stage)
Raynbow: (addressing the audience) Hello, everyone!  My name is Raynbow the Clown, and my partner Goofy Grape are supposed to talk about redemption today, but (he looks left to right, scanning the audience, looking for Goofy) apparently she’s running a little late …
Goofy Grape:  (enters, walking briskly from one side of the stage to the other) Hiya Raynbow!  Bye, Raynbow!
Raynbow: (grabs Goofy’s arm as she tries to walk past) Goofy!  Where are you going?  We’re supposed to explain redemption to these people?
Goofy Grape: But that’s what I’m doing!  See?  I’ve got this coupon (pulls out a gargantuan coupon, shows it to the audience) that I’m going to redeem for a package of hot dogs, see?
Raynbow: Oh, okay.  (as Goofy Grape walks on) Wait a minute!  Where are you going?  Aren’t you going to take that to the store (points in the opposite direction) to redeem that coupon?
Goofy Grape: (with a laugh) No, silly!  Everyone knows you go to church to get redeemed!
Raynbow: (reacting) Oh, no …
Goofy Grape: Sure!  “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so,” you know.
Raynbow: (nicely) Goofy, do you know what ‘redeemed’ means?
Goofy: Of course I do! (thinks) I think I do (thinks harder), no, not a clue.  What does ‘redeemed’ mean, anyway?
Raynbow: To ‘redeem’ something is to pay for it.  For instance, you have a coupon there for a free package of hot dogs.  You take it to the store, give them the coupon, and they give you the hot dogs.  But hot dogs aren’t free, are they?
Goofy Grape: Oh, no!  They normally cost money!
Raynbow: They still cost money – but someone else paid for the hot dogs, and gave you that coupon as proof that the hot dogs are paid for.  That’s just like how Jesus paid for our sins on the cross—that was the payment—and he rose from the dead three days later—that was the proof that our sins were paid for in full.
Goofy Grape: (as the light dawns) Oh!  I see!  Someone else paid for the hot dogs, just like Jesus paid for me!
Raynbow: (proud that she understands) That’s right!
Goofy Grape: So first I go to the store, and then I go to the church!
Raynbow: (frustrated) No!  Don’t you understand?  You don’t have to go to church to redeem the coupon!
Goofy Grape: I know that!  But after I redeem them, I have to go to the church!
Raynbow: (frustrated) Why?
Goofy Grape: Because they’re for the church picnic!

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