Thanksgiving Skit

Thanksgiving Skit, courtesy of Epworth Rehoboth Church Clowning for Joy clown ministry

William Martin, AKA: Specs the Clown

Cast: Narrator, nine or more clowns

November 18, 2012

Narrator: Once upon a time there was a very happy group of clowns. (clowns all greet each other with  handshakes and hugs) They lived in a wonderful community called Rehoboth Beach and attended a weekly service at a church called Epworth (clowns kneel in prayer). Each year they would gather together in the fall, once the weather turned chilly, (clowns shiver with cold) for a special dinner (Clowns bring table on stage). They worked very hard preparing food (some clowns hold dishes with silly food item like cotton candy, popcorn…..) and drinks (clowns hold up soda bottles filled with bright green and pink liquid) and others made festive decorations for the dinner (other clowns show silly decorations). (Note: Each Clown can bring a “dish” which the narrator will call out as the clowns show them: Clown Stuffing, Roast Rubber Chicken, Pumpkin Pie with real pumpkin on top……) But, despite all the hard work, they looked forward to this annual dinner as a time of wonderful fun and fellowship. (clowns gather around table, hug, hold hands)

Clown 1: OK, Thanksgiving Dinner looks all ready!

Clown 9: This looks great!

Clown 3: I’m starving!

Many Clowns in unison: (some picking up forks) LET’S EAT (very loud)

(Turkey Enters from back of Sanctuary)

Turkey: S T O P !!!! Now you clowns just hold on a minute

(As turkey rushes down the aisle, as best a turkey can rush, the other clowns stop, stare in amazement)

Clown 8 to other clowns and children as she points to the turkey: What is that???????

(Children may answer)

Clown 4 (in amazement): That’s a Genuine 100% Real Turkey – and he’s talking!

Turkey: Yes, that’s me, a real talking turkey!

Turkey (who should be down front by now): (To Clowns) Haven’t you all forgotten something that you need to do before you start to eat Thanksgiving Dinner?

(Clowns all look around at each other and shake their heads no)
Clown 3: We are starving, can we eat now?

Turkey: Maybe some of these children can help. (to Children) Is there something the clowns forgot to do before they started to eat dinner?

(hopefully, the children will say something about saying “grace” or a “prayer” or “give thanks”.)

Turkey: You are exactly right boys and girls, we need to always remember to say “Thank You” to our Heavenly Father for all he does for us, including giving us such wonderful food to share with each other.

Turkey: (Continues) Since this is a season of Thanksgiving, are there other things that we are thankful for?

Clown 5 (excitedly raising her hand) I’ve got something I’m thankful for! I do, I do, I do! Really!

All clowns: Well tell us what it is!

Clown 5: I’m thankful for all of you in Clowning for Joy, you are my family, and I love you all!

Turkey: (to Children) Are there other things you are thankful for?

(gets responses from children –hopefully 5, carefully making sure to repeat what the kids say if the mike does not pick them up. Clown 5 can take the mike to each child)

Clown 1: (To Turkey and Children) You know, listening to all these things to be thankful for is making me hungry!

Clown 9: I’m hungry too, but, before we eat, we need to Thank the Lord for both this wonderful food and for all the many blessing he has given all of us.

Clown 6: Could we all pray together.

Dear Lord…Thank you for always looking out for us…..and thank you for providing this wonderful church… and thank you for allowing us to be here today with our family and friends. In this Season of Thanksgiving, we simply take this opportunity to say in prayer, thank you. We ask that this food may go to your use. In Jesus name, Amen

Clown 1: Let’s Dig in!

(other clowns cheer and clap)

Clown 7: Wait! Mr. Turkey, we never heard from you! What are you thankful for?

Turkey: Oh shucks, that’s easy! I’m thankful for Vegetarians!

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