The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden – free Christian clown skit for 2 speaking clowns

This is a skit that my wife and I wrote and performed in our Church’s Children’s Church service. If you like it you are welcome to post for others to perform. Ben and Carolyn Willige, Norman, OK, aka Benny and Sunni

(A clown skit for two clowns; Adam and Eve, narrator, voice of God, voice of serpent.)

If possible lead into skit with presentation of ‘The Creation Story’ using a Bible Story Bag that changes colors when turned inside out for each ‘day’ of the story. (We got ours from La Rock’s for about $18.00)

Narrator, Pastor or Children’s Minister: The Lord God formed a man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of man and the man became a living person.

Adam gets up dusts himself off, coughs dust out of his fist (baby powder works well) …€œ looks around ‘sees’ God …€œ asks: Hey, who are you?

God: I am God, your creator, your Father in Heaven.

Adam: Cool, Who am I ?

God: You are Adam.

Adam: Hmm Adam, Adam, O.K., COOL. So, what’s the deal here, where am I, what’s going on?

God: You’re in the garden, the garden I have created, called Eden.

Adam: COOL !

God: I have placed you here in the Garden of Eden to tend, and care for it.

Adam: WOW, one day old and already you’ve put me to work!

God: ADAM!

Adam: Yes Sir?

God: Pay attention! You may freely eat any fruit in the Garden, EXCEPT fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If you eat of this fruit you will be in deep trouble.

Adam: You mean like ‘time-out’, or ‘detention’, or something?

God: NO !!, I mean deep, deep, really, really in trouble type trouble!

Adam: You mean like(sing) ‘Nobody knows the trouble I knows … kinda’ trouble!

God: Yes, you’re catching on. Now, it’s not good that you be alone so I’ve also created all these animals and flying things. What I want you to do is give them names.

Adam: Looks around, bewildered by the task at hand. Says You’ve got to be kidding, why if I knew how to count, I’d bet there’s probably about a KAZILLION of them critters out there, and hey, I ain’t so sure I like all of them thingies.

God: Don’t say AIN’T, and it’s ‘THOSE’ thingies … Just do it!

Adam: Yes Sir! pause, Talks to animals: O.K., O.K. Let’s get some king of order established here! HEY! HEY! No shoving. O.K. Get one behind the other, then walk by me. I KNOW! Let’s call it a line. O.K. Line up! Yea, line up! O.K. Here we go! You, you’re a __________. (Use the name of someone familiar to the children, such as the Children’s Minister’s name) No, that’s not a cool name. O.K. You’re a dog, (or whatever stuffed animal or pretend animal you want to name) yea, and that other one kinda like you, you’re a dog too! O.K. next! You, you’re a car, no, that’s not a good name either. O.K., you’re an octopus, O.K., so there’s two of you …€œ HEY, I’M LEARNING TO COUNT …€œ O.K. octo-pie, or octopusses, never mind, we’ll figure that out later. You, you’re a boid, no, a bird. On and on until you’ve used up your props. Moves head around as if following movement of an insect like a mosquito, then slaps self in face and holds up remains of mosquito. Uh oh! I think God’s gonna have to make another one of these.


Adam: God!

God: What?

Adam: Sir, these thingies are O.K., some are cute and some are really friendly, but hey, I’m still kinda lonely.

God: Yes Adam, I am aware it’s not good for you to be alone. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you a more suitable companion. All you have to do is lie down over there and I’ll put you to sleep and when you wake up, you’ll have a suitable companion.

Adam: O.K., I’ll do it. Starts to lay down, but stops, looks up to God, says: Hey! Wait just a minute. You said ‘suitable’, I don’t want someone in a suit!

God: Not IN a suit. SUITABLE! It means o.k. …€œ Like, good for you.

Adam: O.K. Starts down again, sits up! Hey God, why do I have to go to sleep? Is this gonna hurt?

God: No, no, I’m just going to take a rib and make something special out of it, and …

Adam: WHOA! WHOA! Take a rib? (Points to knee.) Hey, I need all the ribs I’ve got and …. God … What’s a rib?

God: Adam!

Adam: Sir?

God: Lay down, Be quiet, and go to sleep!

Adam: Sitting on floor, raises hand with index finger raised as if to make a point, says: But, and falls over …€œ asleep!


(Eve lies down behind Adam with Adam between her and the audience. BE SURE EVE IS IN PLACE.


Adam: Wakes up &€œ stretches &€œ looks around &€œ rubs lower chest area &€œ looking for wound or soreness. Does a double take! Sees Eve &€œ is shocked into frozen position after an eyebrow raising look into audience.

Eve: Gets up &€œ stretches &€œ sees Adam &€œ looks at him with amazement and then adoration.

God: Adam … ADAM!

Adam: Adam shakes his head, comes out of his fascination trance with Eve. Yes Sir?

God: Adam, this is Eve she is of your flesh, she is woman.

Adam: WHOA!!-MAN!!

God: No …€œ woman.

Adam: Wo …€œ man! Wow! Uh, O.K. woman. Eve? Huh. At last! Wow! She’s part of me, called woman ‘cause she was taken out of me, a man. Wow! Eve, Huh? Hey you’re kinda cute; you don’t have a boyfriend do you?

Eve: You’re kinda cute too. A boyfriend, what’s that? Are there more of us?

Adam: Not that I’ve seen, God just made us, we’re all there is.

God: Ahem! Remember Adam, DON’T.

Adam: Don’t what?

God: Don’t eat the forbidden fruit.

Adam: Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit? Oh yea! That tree of knowledge thingy. HEY EVE! We have forbidden fruit!

Eve: No way!

Adam: Yes way!

God: Do not eat the forbidden fruit!

Adam and Eve together: Why?

God: Because I’m your Father and I said so …€œ that’s why! (God in soft voice:) I should have quit after I made those things that Adam called Hyenas.


Adam: Adam makes himself busy messing with plants or animals a little ways away from Eve.

Serpent: PSSST! Eve, Evie girl.

Eve: (Eve looks around for source of the voice.) A pre-positioned stuffed serpent comes in handy here.

Serpent: Yea, you. Hey come here, we need to talk.

Eve: What do you want? How come you can talk?

Serpent: Because I’m shrewd and a lot smarter than all those other creatures running around here. I’m real cool too! Anyway, did God really say that you must not eat any of the fruit here in Eden?

Eve: Of course we may eat it, except the fruit from that tree over there in the center of the garden. God says ‘Don’t mess with it at all or we’ll die or be in big trouble …, or something.

Serpent: You won’t die and you won’t be in any trouble. God knows your eyes will be opened to some really cool stuff if you eat it. Why, you’ll be just like ol’ God himself. You’ll know everything …€œ all the good stuff and hey, even some evil stuff.

Eve: Well, it does look simply scrumptious, and I don’t want anyone to think I’m not cool or anything. I would like to be wise and stuff. O.K. Here goes! Wow! Hey Adam, try this new fruit!

Adam: Hmmm. This looks strange. Are you sure it’s O.K.?

Eve: Yes. €œ My friend ‘Sneaky Snake Dude’ here says we’ll really be smart and cool if we eat this.

Adam: Well, O.K. God’s not looking … what he doesn’t know won’t hurt anything.

Eve: Wow! I feel different; I really don’t like the way I feel.

Adam: I don’t feel so neat myself. What’s going on? Why do I feel so … so guilty?

Eve: Oh I’m so ashamed, I know that I’ve disobeyed God.

Adam: It’s getting late in the day, God will be along soon. We’d better hide, ‘cause He’ll know we did a no-no.

Adam and Eve hide behind trees or other stage props.

God: Adam, where are you?

Adam: Well, I heard you coming and I hid. I was afraid ‘cause you’d know I messed up.

God: Who told you I could and would see your mistake? You ate the forbidden fruit didn’t you?

Adam: Yes sir.

God: Didn’t I tell you not to eat it?

Adam: uh huh. I mean yes sir.

God: Then why did you?

Adam: It was that woman you gave me. She brought me the fruit and I ate it.

God: Eve!

Eve: Yes sir?

God: How could you do such a thing?

Eve: I don’t know.

Adam: She started it!

Eve: Did not!

Adam: Did too!

Eve: Did not!

Adam: Did too!

Eve: Did not! It was that serpent, that Sneaky Snake Dude. He tricked me, that’s why I ate it and then shared with that cutie pie Adam.

God: O.K. You two, be quiet! Serpent! You’ve really done it now. You are going to be punished. You are cursed, you will grovel in the dust as long as you live, and you’re to crawl on your belly forever!

Adam, Eve, you two are to be punished also… For you have surely sinned. Eve you will have babies and have to change dirty diapers, and your husband will be your master and he will be in charge of the TV remote. Adam, you and Eve will be kicked out of the Garden of Eden. You will have to work every day to provide for your wife and your family.

Adam turns to Eve and says: I just knew you were going to eat us out of house and home!


Adam and Eve still on stage address children.

Eve: There are two points that we would like you to remember. The first is that God created Adam and Eve and made them special, He also created each of you, and you are special and God loves you very much. Turn to the person next to you and say; I’m special and God loves me. One more time but really loud this time!

Adam: The second point we want you to remember is that there are a lot of ‘Sneaky Snake Dudes’ out there in the world. If someone that says they are your friend and tries to get you to do something that you know is wrong, they aren’t really your friend, they’re just a Sneaky Snake Dude. You know what is right and what is wrong so don’t try to be ‘cool’ doing something that God or your parents wouldn’t want you to do.

Adam or Eve: Says prayer over children and turns program back to Pastor or Children’s Minister.

Note: When we perform this we have someone ‘offstage’ read the parts of God and the Serpent.

©2005, Ben and Carolyn Willige, aka Benny and Sunni

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