The Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee, courtesy of Epworth Rehoboth Beach Clowning for Joy

Begins with three clowns goofing off on their own with kids sitting in a circle on Chancel. Fourth Clown the teacher, walks up the stairs and begins to talk to kids.

Teacher: Good morning kids. I am ______ Even though school is out we are going to have a spelling bee today. And it will be in honor of your Dads for Father’s Day! I need your help. (Passes out bookmarkers)

Teacher: Let me call these other clowns over here to start. (Calls clowns by name and they begrudgingly come over and sit in the three chairs in the middle of the Chancel)

C1: (whining voice) Why do we have to come in here I thought school was over.

C2 and C3: yeah why. We were having fun outside

Teacher: Well today we are going to have a spelling bee contest and these kids are going to help me. They are going to call out the words and you each have to stand up and spell them.

C2: What kind of words are they??

Teacher: They are all five letter words

C3: I know one!! (jumps up and says) Clown! C-L-O-W-N (uses finger to count letters)

C1: Got one! (jumps up) Bball B-B-A-L-L

Teacher: C1 bball is not a word. Kids help me out. Teacher points out words to kids and lets kid call out 4 words and each clown will take one and C2 takes two

Teacher: Outstanding class!! (and thanks boys and girls). (holding up the bookmark) There are so many 5 letter words in our language that mean so much to our faith.

C3: There’s one. faith F-A-I-T-H

Teacher: The words we choose to use are so important in our relationship with one another. They can make a person’s day or make them feel sad.

C2: I once heard sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.

Teacher: Come on C2. that is just not true. Words are very powerful both good and bad. God knows this and has many passages in the Bible warning us to choose our words carefully.

C1 : I remember learning in Proverbs 15 “kind words heal and help, harsh words wound and hurt.”

Teacher: and in Ephesians 4 it says “watch the way your talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, as each word is a gift”

C3: This is a wonderful reminder of how we should talk to our friends. For us (points to kids and clowns) and especially for the big kids out there (points to congregation)

Teacher: Now before we finish I am going to let each one of you pick out one of your favorite 5 letter words. (C1 raising his hand excitedly) Ok C1 you can go first.

C1: Bball B-A.

Teacher: C1!!

C1: Sorry. Grace G-R-A-C-E

C2: (picks one)

C3: (Picks one)

Lets pray:
Heavenly Father we do thank you, for the gift of Your Son. Help us to choose words that speak love and kindness. Tame our tongues so gentleness flows from our lips. Remind us as we speak to others we are also speaking to You. Amen.
All three clowns:

C2: Thank T-H-A-N-K

C3: Jesus J-E-S-U-S

C1: Peace P-E-A-C-E

Create a bookmark from Wordle with Christian signs and the 3 words from above.
Author: Good Book aka Ray Book

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