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Leon McBryde, aka. “Buttons” biography

Leon McBryde, aka. “Buttons” (1943 – )

Inducted into the 1990 Clown Hall of Fame

Buttons, Leon McBryde

Growing up in Texas, at the age of 7 young Leon McBryde watched Lou Jacobs perform in the Ringling Brothers circus, and thought that it would be wonderful to do that when he grew up.

In 1969, he got that opportunity when “Buttons” was accepted into the Ringling Brothers Clown College; a year later, he was touring with the Blue Unit of Ringling as a professional clown, and the following year working as Ringling’s Good Will Ambassador — as well as teaching at their Clown College.   He spent the next six years traveling coast to coast, performing at schools and hospitals.

In 1978, he formed his own company, Fantasy Factory Ltd., where he began producing his own shows, starting with “Ronald McDonald School Safety Show” in 1980 and “The Big Red Shoe Review” in 1983, both for the McDonalds corporation.

Buttons, Leon McBryde

Starting in 1983, he began appearing on (and writing for) “Toddlers Friends,” a TV show in Chicago on WCFC-TV, for the next 9 years. From 1984 through 1991, he was part of the staff at the UW La Crosse’s Clown College.   Apparently not having enough to do, he introduced the ProKNOWS line of clown noses, followed by the ProFACE line of clown makeup in 1996.

In 1990, Leon “Buttons” McBryde was inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame.   In addition to running his clown accessories business, Leon continues performing as Buttons, as Santa Claus, and as Oz, as well as working in clown workshops across the country. At 6’7″ tall, Leon McBryde is a giant in his field, both figuratively and literally.

Leon is married to his wife Linda, and they have two grown sons, Casey and Adam.

He contributed to the book Clown Magic.



  1. I HAVE NEVER MEET A MORE PROFESSIONAL CLOWN IN MY LIFE. HE IS THE BEST. A TRUE MENTOR ALWAYS WITH A GREAT MOTIVATIONAL STORY. HE TRULY HAS CLOWNING AT HEART. HE GAVE ME a signed copy of his “pro nose” poster and I had it professionly framed and it sits in a place of honor in my office at home. He is really a treasure for the clown world. If we ever loose him, the circus would suffer a great loss.
    Signed, “BEEP – BEEP” THE CLOWN

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