Dedicated to the history and performance of clowning

What can you do here? There’s a free tutorial on starting clowning, articles on topics such as the Clown Commandments, biographies of famous clowns (including Charlie Chaplin, Red Skelton, Bob Bell, WGN-TV’s Bozo the Clown, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Emmett Kelly, Bob Keeshan,The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, and many others), reviews of books and movies on clowning, and much more.

Be a Clown - the Complete Guide by Turk PipkinClowning Resources – books, videos and more for the beginning, intermediate and advanced clown — learn how to make a bigger fool of yourself, and make the audience remember you!

Richard TarletonClown History – from the days of Shakespeare and before, clowns have been making their mark on history. Find out about it here.

Pie throwing - part 2. Despite how it looked, Kenny did not throw the pie - he "placed" it in Ellen's face, and by extending his arm & leg, gave the illusion of throwing. No animals were harmed in filming of this sequence. No clowns, either :o)
Pie throwing – part 2.

Clown Skits – What will you do in front of the audience? A collection of clown skits, free to use in your performances.

Moving on to happier thoughts: This is the Alley Kazam, the clown alley that I belonged to. They are, from left: Goofy Grape, the Happy Hippi (kneeling, waving), Pixie (red hair), Que Sera, Honey Bun, can't remember her name!, Bright Eyes, and Succotash.

Clowning Reviews – Read reviews of biographies, movies, television shows and live performances of your favorite clowns.

Welcome to FamousClowns.org, a website dedicated to the history and performance of clowning. Famous Clowns is run by Tom Raymond, who performs at a professional clown as Raynbow the Clown in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


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    I am one of your Facebook friends. I also love clowns. I tried to follow this blog but have not figured it out yet. Would like to link my blog to yours if you don’t mind.
    Patty Sue

    • David Jendrycki
    • February 3, 2018

    Hi Tom, I love your site., especially the clown biographies and your information on the great Charlie Chaplin. I actually perform as a Chaplin impersonator in Chicago. I’ve been doing ‘The Little Tramp’ for the past 30 years at many different venues including the Chicago International Film Festival. I noticed one small error under ‘The Music of Charlie Chaplin’. It incorrectly lists ‘Smile’ as being from ‘City Lights’ It is actually from “Modern Times”.
    Again, a wonderful site. So educational and fun. Thank you!
    David Jendrycki

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      Thank you for the correction and the kind words!

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