list of Famous Clowns of the circus, stage, screen and television

Famous Clowns in history

Much of the information presented herein is borrowed shamelessly from the Clown Hall of Fame.  Much thanks to them. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, drop by – you won’t be disappointed.A listing of some of the famous clowns of history. If you don’t see someone listed that you think is deserving, please add a note in the comments, or email us.

Unlike the rest of this list, Pierrot is not an individual, but a character. One of the main characters of the Commedia del Arté, Pierrot (along with Clown and Pantaloon) form the basis for what in later centuries became the white-faced clown.

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    Dear Sir, We are now the fourth generation of clowns, our parents worked all over the world , they had a cotract for Ringling bros , but did not accept it because they did not want to work by the whistle. They invented two original entrées the boxing automatic and restaurant automatic. There is a book published called ‘clowns de légende rudi llata by Gérard Gagnepain Yours sincere O.N. Hendricks

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