Circus Clown

Pat Valdo's famous whiteface clown on a Ringling Brothers poster

Pat Valdo

Pat Valdo (1881-1970)

Pat Valdo, in whiteface clown makeup, entertaining a group of children with a toy

Pat Valdo had a long career with the American circus.  He became one of the iconic clowns, and later became director of personnel at the Ringling Brothers circus. (more…)

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Dead and Alive clown skit

Dead and Alive

Dead and Alive clown skit

Clowns Steve Smith and Jeffrey Steele perform the ‘Dead and Alive’ clown skit from the ‘Clown Gags’ section of the ‘Be A Clown’ video from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, 1987.  Clown bits include walking into a missed handshake, alternating hat tip and offered a hand, dealing with moving an apparently unconscious clown and a dropping hat routine. Runs whole skit, then discusses some performance aspects. (more…)

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Mark Anthony, art by Bill Ballentine

Mark Anthony photo gallery

Mark Anthony photo gallery – famous tramp circus clown

Mark Anthony was a great tramp clown of the 20th century, highly skilled in creating foam props as well. (more…)

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Autographed photo of Otto Griebling

Otto Griebling photo gallery

Photo gallery of Otto Griebling, famous American circus tramp clown

Many of the images are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame (more…)

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Delivery running gag

Delivery running gag

The delivery running gag is a classic clown routine — I first heard of it with Otto Griebling, where he would wander through the stands of the circus carrying a small plant, calling out the name of a fictional person to deliver the plant to, such as Mrs. McGillicuddy-Smythe. He wouldn’t find her, of course, and leave …

Only to return later with another, larger plant again being unsuccessful, and left again … (more…)

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Color photo of Paul Jung - face

Paul Jung photo gallery

Paul Jung photo gallery – famous producing whiteface clown, best known for his time with the Ringling Brothers circus – and for his face on Kellogg’s Sugar Smacks! (more…)

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Color photo of Bobby Kaye in his early years

Bobby Kaye photo gallery

Bobby Kaye photo gallery – famous white face circus clown (more…)

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Achille Zavatta in color

Achille Zavatta photo gallery

Achille Zavatta photo gallery – one of the most famous French clowns, as well as an artist, composer, and circus operator (more…)

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Color photo of Prince Paul Alpert in the ring

Prince Paul Alpert photo gallery

Prince Paul Alpert photo gallery — famous circus clown and little person. Many of these photos are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame, who have our thanks. (more…)

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Frankie Saluto and bunny

Frankie Saluto photo gallery

Frankie Saluto photo gallery – Frankie Saluto was a famous circus clown and little person, who became famous with the Ringling Brothers Circus as the whiteface dwarf with the large live rabbit. His career also included an interpretation of a miniature Charlie Chaplin and he was a member of the Ringling Giants, a midget baseball team that promoted the circus.

Several of these photos of the International Clown Hall of Fame our thanks to them. (more…)

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