Circus clowns

Merlin "Shorty" Hinkle

Shorty Hinkle [circus clown]

Merlin “Shorty” Hinkle (Nov 13, 1905 – Feb 25, 1977) He was born Merlin Hinkle in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania, USA on November 13, 1905. He became known in the circus world as Shorty Hinkle.

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The Clown and the Kids, starring Emmett Kelly Sr.

The Clown and the Kids

The Clown and the Kids (1968), starring Emmett Kelly Sr.  In short, The Clown and the Kids is strictly a movie for children, starring the great tramp clown, Emmett Kelly Sr.  It has him as the head of a small family circus, traveling through Europe.  In fact, most of the cast has their words dubbed.  […]

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Color photo of Bobby Kaye in his early years

Bobby Kaye photo gallery

Bobby Kaye photo gallery – famous white face circus clown

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Achille Zavatta in color

Achille Zavatta photo gallery

Achille Zavatta photo gallery – one of the most famous French clowns, as well as an artist, composer, and circus operator

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Swede Johnson “salutes”

Swede Johnson photo gallery

Swede Johnson photo gallery, famous circus clown and animal trainer. After coming to the United States, Swede took the first job that he could find – as a rodeo clown, afterward becoming a circus clown. He then had a long career in the circus, working at different times and circuses as clown, animal trainer, and other […]

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Ringling Brothers clowns in the 1970's

Circus Clowns photo gallery

Circus Clowns photo gallery. Many of these have their own photo galleries, such as Frosty Little, Lou Jacobs, Emmett Kelly, etc. Many of the images are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame

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Paul Wenzel, color photo from the International Clown Hall of Fame

Paul Wenzel photo gallery circus clown

Paul Wenzel photo gallery circus clown – Professor Paul Wenzel was born in 1878 and performed as a circus clown for over 60 years throughout the United States of America. Paul Wenzel appeared with large and small shows before finding a permanent home with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Many of these photos […]

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Portrait photograph of Coco

Coco photo gallery

Coco photo gallery, a third generation Russian circus clown, who achieved his fame in England where the family came while he was a youth. Also included are photos of his father, Nicolai Polakovs, who originated the name Coco as a famous clown in Europe. He developed several classic clown routines, including Busy Bee. He later became […]

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Felix Adler, world famous circus clown

Felix Adler photo gallery

Felix Adler photo gallery – Felix Adler was a white face circus clown, who was known both as The King of Clowns and as The White House Clown given the number of times that he performed at the White House for various American presidents. Many of the photos here are courtesy of the International Clown Hall […]

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Priscilla Mooseburger and Frosty Little

Video tribute to the Ringling Brothers clowns

Video tribute to the Ringling Brothers clowns – After the final performance of the Ringling Brothers circus, this video was posted on YouTube celebrating many of the clowns from the Greatest Show on Earth.  With music from the Muppets – enjoy.

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