Police [Charlie Chaplin]

Police (1916) starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance

Police is an Essanay silent comedy starring Charlie Chaplin, as Charlie – convict 999.  The film begins with him being released from prison and given $5.00 (a large sum at the time).  No sooner is he out, however, then a bogus parson tries to convince him to “go straight”.  Reading Bible passages brings him to the point of tears.  While Charlie wipes his tears on the man’s long beard, the bogus parson picks his pocket of the money. Continue reading

City Lights

City Lights (1931) written by, produced by and starring Charlie Chaplin

Synopsis of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights

Buy from Amazon.com In City Lights, Charlie Chaplin plays the part of Charlie the little tramp, a homeless vagabond, who encounters a flower girl, only to discover that she’s blind. After Charlie rescues an inebriated rich man from committing suicide, the eccentric millionaire decides that Charlie is his best friend.  He takes Charlie out partying, gives him a car, etc.– only to totally forgot about him when he’s sober.   Charlie uses the millionaire’s money (when he can) to help the blind girl who mistakenly thinks that Charlie is the millionaire.   But when the forgetful millionaire leaves town, Charlie needs to raise money to help the girl.   Charlie works as a street sweeper and tries to win a boxing match.   The millionaire returns, inebriated, at the last moment, and cheerfully gives Charlie the money.  Only to forget about it moments later.   The end of the movie is sad, ending with a true tearjerker moment.  Charlie and the flower girl, now cured of her blindness, are reunited. Continue reading

Shoulder Arms

Shoulder Arms (1918) starring Charlie Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Sydney Chaplin

Shoulder Arms is a silent film made by Charlie Chaplin, released at the end of World War I.   It details the adventures of Chaplin’s world-famous Little Tramp character, Charlie, as he is drafted. Continue reading

The Rounders

The Rounders (1914) starring Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle

A silent film during Charlie Chaplin’s time with the Keystone studio, where Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle are inebriated husbands, who after being beaten up by their wives, sneak out for … more drinks!

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