The Honeymooners Lost Episodes

The Honeymooners Lost Episodes (1953-1954) season 2

  1. Sprained Thumb
  2. Lucky Number – Ralph wins a $1,000 prize at a baseball game he skipped work to attend.
  3. Hot Dog Stand – Ralph and Norton try to collect enough money to open a hot dog stand in New Jersey.
  4. Two Tickets to the Fight – Ralph and Norton’s plan to attend a boxing match are thwarted when Alice’s Uncle George pays a visit.
  5. Halloween Party – Ralph ruins his tuxedo for a Halloween party at the bus company, not realizing that it’s not a costume party.
  6. Champagne and Caviar – Ralph unwittingly blows his chance at a raise.
  7. Letter to the Boss – Thinking he’s been fired, Ralph writes a nasty letter to his boss…
  8. Finger Man – Ralph apprehends a wanted killer, but falls apart when the killer escapes from jail.
  9. Santa and the Bookies – Ralph takes a job as a sidewalk Santa to earn extra money, only it turns out to be a front for illegal bookmakers.
  10. Christmas Party – While Ralph is out on a last-minute errand for potato salad, the Kramden apartment is visited by several of Gleason characters. Featuring Frances Langford and Eddie Hodges.
  11. New Year’s Eve Party – The Kramdens and Nortons celebrate New Year’s Eve with The Doresy Brothers.
  12. This Is Your Life – Ralph’s jealousy ruins his shot at an appearance on This Is Your Life.
  13. Cottage for Sale – Ralph and Norton buy a country cottage in the country. At a price that’s too good to be real — for a reason. Then, they miraculously find a “sucker” who wants to buy it. But why?
  14. Lawsuit – Ralph breaks his leg on the job and tries to sue the bus company.
  15. Fortune Teller – Ralph visits a fortune teller only to have the session interrupted, panic ensues.
  16. The Next Champ – Ralph decides to manage a young boxer, who moves in with the Kramdens.
  17. Stand-in for Murder – Ralph is offered a phony job as an insurance executive so he can be killed instead of a mob boss who looks just like him.
  18. Move Uptown – Ralph tries to get kicked out of his apartment so he can rent a nicer one in The Bronx.
  19. The Man in the Blue Suit – When Alice gives away a jacket that contains Ralph’s poker winnings, he and Norton scheme to get it back.
  20. Hair Raising Tale – Ralph and Norton are conned into a miracle hair growth scheme.
  21. What’s the Name? – Remake of “What’s Her Name?” (3/21/53).
  22. Box Top Kid – Ralph wins a trip to Europe in a Slim-O Bread contest, only to lose it when they find out he lost no weight eating the product.
  23. Two Men on a Horse – Ralph is elected Raccoon Lodge treasurer and promptly loses $200. He and Norton head to the track with a scheme to win it all back.
  24. Good Buy, Aunt Ethel – Ralph tries to get Aunt Ethel out of his house by marrying her off to the local butcher. Expanded remake of sketch originally broadcast on March 14, 1953.
  25. Vacation at Fred’s Landing – Remake of sketch originally broadcast on June 27, 1953.
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