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Clown skit Stagecoach

Clown skit Stagecoach

Clown skit Stagecoach – a classic routine for 2 speaking clowns

Clown skit Stagecoach – a classic clown routine for 2 speaking clowns, typically a white face and an auguste, although any 2 clowns would do, dealing with cowboy clowns dealing with a pursuit. In a class at the 2014 Midwest Clown Association convention, Julie Varholdt (aka. Lovely Buttons) led the class into updating the skit, for example being pursued for jumping to the head of the line and get the newest iPhone, only to be pursued by the other clowns who felt cheated. As with all of these skits, use this as an outline, and modify it to work for your specific clowns. (more…)

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