The infamous, hilarious, Busy Bee skit as performed by Jim Howle (right), Dave Mitchell (left) and Lee Mullally (not pictured). The audience seats needed seat belts, to prevent us from falling out of them while laughing. This was on one of the Open Mike sessions, which was supposed to give the Clown Campers a chance to get up & perform -- the staff tended to "fill in" during the first day or two, while we got our courage up -- which, frankly was a good thing, as it gave us some excellent ideas from some of the best. p.s. the Busy Bee skit was created by Coco, and is included in several collections of skits, including World's Funniest Clown Skits

Busy Bee

Busy Bee – a classic clown skit

Busy Bee is a very well-known, enormously funny clown skit, created by Coco, and is included in several collections of skits, including World’s Funniest Clown Skits. It can be performed for 2, 3 or more clowns, but is most commonly performed with 3 clowns. It is not a ministry skit, by any stretch, although it could certainly be used as a lead-in to talk about deception, what the world promises vs. what it delivers, etc.

I first saw it performed live at the UW-Clown Camp 1998 by Jim Howle, Mr. Magish, and Lee Mullally. There are innumerable variations of the skit, with much room for inserting your own clown character in the skit—please do so. It goes a little something like this… (more…)

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Portrait photograph of Coco

Coco photo gallery

Coco photo gallery, a third generation Russian circus clown, who achieved his fame in England where the family came while he was a youth. Also included are photos of his father, Nicolai Polakovs, who originated the name Coco as a famous clown in Europe. He developed several classic clown routines, including Busy Bee. He later became an independent working clown, sometimes acting as an advance performer in small shows.

Many of these photos are courtesy of the International Clown Hall of Fame our thanks to them. (more…)

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