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M. Hulot's Holiday - a film by Jacques Tati - DVD

Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday – Jacques Tati

M. Hulot's Holiday - a film by Jacques Tati - DVDMonsieur Hulot’s Holiday, starring Jacques Tati

Buy from Amazon.com In a nutshell, Jacque Tati’s  Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday  (1953) is a hilariously funny movie from start to finish.   The plot, to be polite, is sparse – the clownish Mr. Hulot goes on vacation to the seaside.   That’€™s it.   What makes this French film so funny (the original French title is  Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot,) is the constant visual humor. The humor typically (but not exclusively) centered on Jacques Tati’s title character, Monsieur Hulot – a genial, slightly dimwitted character, who often causes chaos without being aware of it.

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jour de fete - Jacques Tati - DVD - black and white version

Jour de fete – Jacques Tati

Movie review of  Jour de fete, starring Jacques Tati

Buy from Amazon.com  I recently watched  Jour de fete  starring Jacques Tati, courtesy of  TCM.   I had heard of Jacques Tati, who people compare favorably with Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, but I’d never seen any of his films previously.    Jour de fete was Jacques Tati’s first feature-length film, an expanded version of one of his short films.   In a nutshell, a small carnival is coming to a small French village in the years after World War II; one of the attractions is a documentary film about the American postal service’s efficiency, which results in some good-natured joking with the local postal worker, played by Jacques Tati, who then tries to emulate American efficiency.  With some humorous, inefficient results. (more…)

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The Criterion Collection - Mon Oncle - un film de Jacques Tati - DVD

Mon Oncle

Mon Oncle – Criterion Collection (1958)

The Criterion Collection - Mon Oncle - un film de Jacques Tati - DVDBuy from Amazon.com  Mon Oncle  is a comedy by Jacques Tati, starring his clown character M. Hulot.   Set in France, there is very little dialog, removing the problem of any language barrier for those of us who aren’t fluent in French.    Mon Oncle  is a satire on modern life, contrasting the strict, sterile “modern” life with the older, slower lifestyle.   It also provides a vehicle for M. Hulot to work his comedy magic in; it’s a different style of comedy, taking time to set the scene and characters in order to amplify the (visual) punchline. (more…)

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